Monday, June 01, 2009

Searching for the Schedule

If you're like me (and chances are you are not) you've been scouring for any last 2009/2010 schedule tidbit you can find.

Well here is what I've found out - to help those of you with the same type of issues as me.

The Mount will play Oklahoma, Pittsburgh, Georgetown and Old Dominion on the road. Might be a tougher test than last year's Penn State, VA Tech, Georgetown and George Mason grouping. But again this might be the best year to play some of those teams.

The Lafayette series is dead. Or at least done for now. Replace it with Vermont. The Catamounts will come to the Mount.

Return trips are due to both Boston University and Navy. Those will happen.

American should come to the Mount. But the last time at the end of the series, they reversed the order. Wouldn't be shocked if that happened again. The Eagles might want the opportunity to defend Bender Arena again. The Mount was the only team to win their last season.

Loyola is coming to the Mount, but I'm hearing it won't be the opener. I've also heard that Niagara will make a visit to the ARCC. I think that is likely the front end of a home and home. It replaces Bryant on the schedule. Bryant becomes a league game this year. Counts in the standings. But Bryant is not eligible for the conference tournament.

There is still one non-league game to finalize. That will likely replace the series that has been ongoing with Lasalle. Doesn't sound like that is going to happen this year.

I'm also hearing that the first league game will be the same as it was last year. A rematch of the conference championship game. That is an interesting way to start the season. And will again take place in December on the road for the Mount.