Wednesday, June 21, 2006

College Football Surprises

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I'm looking for a college football surprise. After watching the Big 33 game on Saturday night, I'm just about ready for some football. And now that it is officially summer, I guess I can go with that.

So who do I think will do better than most...

I think Iowa has a real chance to win the Big 10 this year. Although, I did get it from good authority yesterday that Archie Griffin is touting the Buckeyes to win the whole thing. Imagine that. Iowa still has Drew Tate at quarterback and I think that can be a real blessing. Plus, they can't suffer the same amount of injuries they dealt with last year, so I'm liking the chances. Kirk Ferentz has done a super job building the program and I think it grows.

Georgia Tech - Maybe they are only here because I think they win their opener. But isn't that enough. I mean if you beat Notre Dame, your season goes up a notch. I think the Jackets do it and finish in the upper echelon of the ACC.

Stanford - Pitt didn't realize how good they had it with Walt Harris. Now he has some offensive parts for the Cardinal and I think they may just win nine games and really make some noise out west. The Pac 10 is weak enough for people to move forward. If its not Stanford, could it be Arizona which played well at the end last year.


Notre Dame - I really think that the Irish is going to have a lot of trouble living up to the preseason hype. Sure they have Quinn, and sure they have Samardzia. But I just think they won some games they should have lost last year and aren't really ready to just jump right up there. I'm thinking they lose 2 games before October.

USC -- Maybe nobody is thinking a lot of the Trojans. But still who else is going to win the PAC 10. If they don't its a disappointment. I say they don't. So I say they will be a disappointment.

South Carolina - I just don't think Spurrier will be able to keep things going after last year. I think they bounce back to reality a little before regaining some momentum. Plus the SEC is just so doggone tough.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Not much time

Let's see what I can come up with in 3 minutes.

Disappointed I missed Ukraine/Spain this morning. Maybe this is Spain's year. Or maybe not.

I'll watch Tunisia/Saudi Arabia and Germany/Poland tonight.

The Ben Rotheslisberger motorcylcle accident story keeps adding intrigue. No license. Should have been wearing a helmet legally. At least he still has a tooth or two.

2 1/2 months til college football. I'm going to the Big 33 -- PA/Ohio game this weekend. Be fun to see Delone Carter for the Orange. err, I mean Ohio.

Ok, my time is up. Got a tee time.

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Looking at the First Weekend

Germany - Costa Rica - This was the only game, I didn't watch all of. But it was exciting. A lot of pundits were concerned afterwards because Germany gave up two goals. Well they scored four. For me, they were more impressive than unimpressive in this one.

Ecuador - Poland - This bore of a game to begin with, didn't offer a whole lot. Ecuador did look decent, and many think they are now through to the Knock-out stages. Well I think it comes down to Costa Rica and Ecuador and I think that could be a very entertaining game. You have to really wonder about Poland and its selection.

England - Paraguay - Sometimes you wish you'd say things before they happen, because you believe them. Well leading up to the Cup, watching England play Jamaica and Hungary, I really thought they were a solid, solid team in defense and through the midfield that was going to rely on David Beckham and his freekicks to score and win games. Sure enough, they score early on a Becks free kick. But were largely unimpressive after that. I've got to think they get a little bit better to do much better than get out of the group.

Trinidad & Tobago - Sweden - You've got to be a soccer fan to really enjoy a 0-0 tie. I did. No doubt. Shaka Hislop was phenomenal, and the atmosphere from the Caribbean nation made this sensational. A true joy of a game. It will be interesting to see what happens in this group the rest of the way.

That is half of the weekend action for now. More upcoming......

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Friday, June 09, 2006


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So I screwed up and now I know who won the Cup opener. Germany banged home four goals, including two by Klose, to take out Costa Rica 4-2. Not much of a surprise. But I'm disapointed that I didn't do a better job of not finding out the final before I watched it on Tivo. Oh well, that is what the Poland/Ecuador game is for. Viewing tonight. I'm thinking the Poles will win, but the way they played leading up to the cup anything is possible. But you want to talk about a bad Group. Its Group A. Germany is through to Round 2 already. Ok not really, but they are in theory.

I'll be looking for her in the Poland/Ecuador crowd. I like the headgear.

Great Start to the Cup

Ads by AdGenta.com3 goals at the start of the Cup. Germany gets one early, than Costa Rica answers, and the hosts power back to the lead. Everybody but the goalkeepers loved it. Hopefully, we have that much excitement for the entire next two months. I've only watched the first 30 minutes or so of the game, but TIVO will let me watch the rest later, but I really wasn't overly impressed with the Germans. Sure they scored early, but they just didn't seem to have what I've seen from the other contenders in the buildup.

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Long time No Blog

Been a long time since I blogged. Don't tell my wife.

But I promise to be better. Or at least make a better attempt.

However, I did realize that my last effort more or less gave you the national champion, Florida. Ok maybe it wasn't that clear, but its my blog, and I say read between the lines. And you don't have to stray that far.

So now, I'm giving you the World cup champion. I still have 19 minutes til kickoff. You're pumped aren't you. Seriously, I am.

It could be easy and I could pick Brazil. But I'm not going to. I'm taking Argentina. After watching them against Angola in a prelim, I think they are playing well together and have so much talent.

Others that are worth a play for the chance that Brazil doesn't win. How bout a Euro trio of Holland, France and Portugal? I like it. And I'm also thinking Portugal will win their group easily.

Germany and Costa Rica in 16 minutes. man I type fast.