Sunday, February 13, 2011

Where are we?

Or maybe more importantly, where have I been?

The fact of the matter is that obviously this is my busy time of year and therefore my ability to write as much can get lost. But the other factor has been that I'm just sort of enjoying this Mount team. No doubt about it, they have exceeded my expectations to some degree. Yet on an individual game basis this team hasn't done anything spectacular or anything that has really surprised me from a straight up result standpoint. Sans maybe the win over Quinnipiac.

But still here we are with four regular season games left and the Mount still with a chance to play a first round NEC playoff game at home. And there were times during the year I didn't think that was going to be possible.

A lot of my concern came from who hasn't been available. Obviously after last year's conclusion there was going to be some reshuffling. Goode, Beidler and Holland were all key departures. And then the coaching staff left and all the November LOI's decided they weren't coming.

Throw into the mix the fact that 3 of the guys who I would have expected to be part of the top seven have combined to start 0 games this year -- and the season really had all the characteristics of a disaster. But it has been far from that.

And although this team struggles at times offensively, last night's first half being a prime example, they play hard they are coached well - and they get guys in positions where they can succeed. All of a sudden, results like last night become frustrating and disappointing. Because now all of a sudden on a game by game basis, I expect something from this team.

Watching them hasn't quite been like it's been the last few years. But it has been enjoyable. And if I stop trying to figure them out, I enjoy it even more. I won't be absent the next few weeks, but I am going to enjoy whatever this team brings for us during that time period.

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