Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Disappearing Post

While in the midst of typing a post earlier this afternoon - and also trying to verify the information within it - from a second source, I had some computer issues where I continuously got a web page not responding error. Apparently at some point the post showed up on the blog and then went away. If I get the second source I will take it from the draft stage that it currently it is in. If I never get the second source, I will hit the delete button when the coach is named.

Those of you who read it - can take it for what its worth. Those of you who didn't - can probably figure it out from the comments. I apologize for any issue that may have been caused by blogger, my internet provider, or my own ineptitude.

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  1. The worst thing the Mount could do is name a coach right now. Hopefully the future coach of the Mountaineers is a young and upcoming coach that is still coaching basketball right now. Why would you want anyone else?

    You don't want someone who is treading water with their current team. You want someone that you hope is gone in 4-5 years. That means they have made the Mount into a winning program and that a higher school wants him.

    Anyone who thinks Henry is the answer is wrong. The players rose up to the occasion and still fell short. And they closed out the season against the middle of the pack in NEC terms. The majority of the tough games were already over. Anyone who praises Milan is also disillusion. They made a good run in 08 and won the championship and you can't take that away from them. But then look at the talent they left when they went to Holy Cross. Not much in the cupboard.

  2. @ Brian - the worst thing the Mount could do is NOT to name a coach soon, as in a week or so maximum.

    Anyone who thinks you know the answer is WRONG.

    Henry coached 4 games and they won the two they were supposed to win. They played well in the other two. All this with the lousy players Milan left us and the negative imprint Burke left on staff and players alike.

    Henry has three good recruits HE recruited, a very good spirit and a few current players that may form a good team even next year.

    He is a nice person, well liked and intelligent. He gets along with people (unlike the former coach).

    Give him a year and then crucify him, if you must. Anyone else will have no players and no recruits.

  3. Couldn't have said it any better myself Harry.

    Ditto on everything he just said. Well put.

  4. I am in the business of supporting my alma mater and I love the thought of a thriving mbb program. I also love Raff's blog and all who converse here.

    Without predjudice, I will simply add that I agree with Harry. Matt Henry is one pleasant and bright young man and he is no one's fool.

    If he gets a shot at the job, I would certainly do anything I could to help.

  5. OK, Onions - boy am I glad I didn't have to say "shallots" ;.)

    How about this concept - Henry, if he gets the job, already has two very good assistants. No one has mentioned them and we should be talking about them.

    But, anyway, the third assistant will be an academic advisor and "mom" to the players BECAUSE they need it and Henry cares about kids becoming good men and graduating.

    Winning games and the other battles are equally important.

  6. I am with jab169 - although the Mount is not my alma mater. Whomever is the next coach, I'm going to support. We all may have different opinions on who is the right guy, or the right type of guy, but we all want the Mount to win games.

    Some of my concerns with Henry have been alleviated the last few days with praise from people I trust.

    Personally, it doesn't make sense to me not to open the job up and see who the best candidate is, but sometimes guys in the right place at the right time end up working out very well.

  7. A mom? Really? You want these players to become outstanding men and you are going to hold their hand through college, then what, you release them into the real world and who holds their hand then?
    As for bashing Milan and Brion, let's refresh everyone's memory, Chris Vann, Kelly Beidler, Jermey Goode, Will Holand, Markus Mitchell, the Atupem brothers, I will go back as far as Landy Thompson and Myke Kearse. Your right all those guys were bad recruits. Norfleet is so much better then them. Also is anyone aware how recruiting works, you replace what you loose, Milan's final year his two recruits were filling in the two spots that he had open. The guys that had committed then left all seem to be having successful careers elsewhere now.(patriot league rookie of the year)
    As for Henry, while he is a great guy and did well those last 4 games, is he what we want leading us? Is he the face of the Mount Athletcs that we all want? Let's take it for what it is, TP, who runs and hides when trouble arises, hence why Burke was his hire but you hear nothing from the man now that he is gone and Lynne has to take all of the attention for this one, wants nothing to do with the Phelan era so you can count Brion, Jamion, and anyone else with ties to him out of the picture. They will rush Henry into the position in a move that will not be what many people want and they will suffer for the next several years.
    Everyone I hope is aware that we can not afford a coach that would possibly be high profile, since we rank almost last in the NEC in budget, but there are certainly better choices out there then leftovers from the miserable Burke regime.

  8. J Dubs,that was perfect.

  9. A mom? Did you really say that?

  10. I must comment with a few personal experiences I have had during the past several years of getting to know the head coaches (three) and the program.

    Harry's "Mom" comment is almost verbatim from Milan and Burke. Whether you all want to believe it or not, college age boys need guidance and yes, parenting, sometimes even well beyond their college years.

    How did this apply to MSM basketball? Fact is, KRob did the job under Milan. He was well known and liked by the professors and he spoke with them often in an attempt to guide the players to academic success (defined as passing enough classes to qualify and graduate). He did this within the NCAA rules and it was helpful. This was his talent and it was needed.

    Burke was looking for the same kind of support but his tenure did not last long enough to establish it, so some of the current players may need help; I do not know their status.

    This is a realitiy in college athletics, and I can further tell you from my acquaintances who are or have been in the AD positions at major universities, the same is true at every school I know.

    Please try to understand and incorporate this into your criticisms.

  11. I am well aware of the struggles that Division 1 athletes go through on a daily basis. I am also well aware of the role that coaches play in shaping the lives of these athletes. But to call them "moms" for these young men is not the role that they are playing for them.
    Yes, Krob did an excellent job of making sure that what his players had was a firm grasp on the realities of being a D1 athlete and what they needed to do in order to remain at that level, I will not take that away from him.
    Look at the current players, their body language, how they acted on and off the court and that was not evident at all while Burke was here and I do not think any matter of time would have helped to establish this at all.
    Yes you will talk to coaches, athletic directors, and support staff at any major university and there is a certain amount of help that is granted to these athletes to make sure that they remain able to play, but there is a line that is drawn as to the extent of calling these people "mom" for the athletes.
    At the end of the day, the role of the head coach is to coach these men on the court, and help to recruit young men to build a strong program. The assistant coaches are hired to handle all of the other stuff, let’s focus on this fact and this fact alone. Is Henry what we need to lead the Mount back to the front of the NEC where it enjoyed success for the 4 years before the Burke era?

  12. Maybe Matt Henry is the right choice, but to make this decision hastily is pretty foolish. Let Matt interview for the job and reach out to a few other (i.e. Jamion, Brion) and gauge their interest through an interview process. If Matt is the right guy, hire him. But, hiring him without a full search is a mistake.