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Had an email saying that there were too many characters in the comment thread below and they couldn't post. So here is that reader's comments...and the opportunity to continue the conversation in the comment section below....

Milan had a very poor recruiting class his last year.  He would have taken steps backward had he stayed.
Yes the team played hard for Henry those few games, but it was more out of the relief than anything else.  Eliminate what happend, Henry doesn't even make the interview list for a D1 head coaching job.
Hopefully the administrators will stay out of the decision process this time and accept the recommendation from the AD and her staff. 
Best bet will be a dynamic and energetic assistant at a smaller program with excellent recruiting references and preferably ties to the MD/DC/VA/PA area.

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  1. Getting back to Brion Dunlap...why would he even consider coming back to a school that shunned him for the head coaching gig just 2 years ago. That ship has sailed up to Massachusetts.

    The more I think about this, the more I believe it comes down to Henry/Jamion. Two young guys who wouldn't break the bank to pay, give them a deal for 2-3 years & see if they can put a competitive squad together. The thing is that because Bowtie coached here for so long, we have never had to experience the coaching carousel that many other universities have endured for years.

    Let's just hope that this merry-go-round comes to and end & that we have coach who can help get Mount Hoops back on track. At least, get us back to the NEC Tournament...that's unacceptable not being able to play in the postseason!

  2. Jamion is a good choice, but you absolutely HAVE to gauge the interest of Rhoades first. He probably has his sights on something bigger, but you absolutely must call him first.

  3. Another great hire would be Spinelli, the current top assistant at Maryland. Terp's fans have basically accepted the fact that he'll be a head coach somewhere within the next year or 2, so it's worth gauging his interest, especially since he's right down the road. I'm sure it would be a pay cut, but you never know.

  4. I simply believe we became a little spoiled with the recent success of Milan Brown when he was here. Then again, in all the years I have seen the Mount play, I have never seen them play with such a low amount of effort and intensity as I seen with Burke at the helm. Even in the years they only won a few games, in the past 25 or so years anyway. Just think about the game at Va Tech last year and the game at Marquette this year.

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    mystery of disappearing announcement

  6. What happened to the post about Henry being named coach this coming weekend & meeting w/ Powell later this week?

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    What are you guys referring too? A post on the Fan Blog?