Sunday, March 18, 2012

Could this week be the week?

After a relatively slow week (at least as far as news was concerned), we expect (based purely on speculation) that this week could become a little more riveting as far as the Mount head coaching search goes.

We say that for a variety of reasons.

The landscape of coaching openings is much better known now than it was a week ago. The major conferences for the most part, just had conference tournaments last weekend and we saw a bunch of firings occur just this week. Therefore, coaches who are looking for jobs now know which jobs are available and can base decisions on that.

Obviously its not concrete as one hiring tends to lead to another opening, as we are seeing at Wagner right now. And the Wagner situation could obviously have a major impact on the Mount. The Seahawk job, if it opens to the outside coaching community, will be viewed as a better job than the Mount simply because of where the program is at the moment - and also because of 2 of the last 3 head coaches have left for Atlantic-10 jobs. The ladder and how it's climbed becomes a big part of this process.

Also, you can't ignore the fact that there are a lot of schools not playing this week that were playing last week. That opens up the possibility for a lot more individuals to be available in the process.

There seemed to be a lot more information two weeks ago, then there was this past week. I expect that to increase dramatically this week.

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  1. As I predicted weeks ago, Hurley to URI getting more likely every minute. Guess the other Hurley stays?

    Yes, with VCU gone from the tourney you may get your JC wish (or the other guy, but he is a bit whacky).

  2. All is quiet on the Mountain front...Raff must be off the Mount bandwagon now that his Orange are in the Elite 8!

  3. Not sure it's as quiet as you might think. But I just have nothing to really report.

    Know the search is ongoing and that candidates have been identified and been through the process from various sources. Names are hard to come by.

    I'd say something will happen soon, but I have no confirmation on that. Nothing imminent but maybe early next week.

    What I'm seeing of the Cuse has been exciting.

  4. I'm putting $20.00 on Jamion being named relatively soon. My only worry would be that it is a lateral or even dare I say, negative financial move for him to come to the Mount from VCU. If Shaka Smart's annual salary according to Wikipedia is $1.2 million, the assistants have to be spliting a relatively large pot?

    Compare that to the Mount & I don't know...however, having the title of HEAD Coach is definitely meaningful...we shall see?!?

  5. Kevin - Win, lose or draw. How bout putting that $20 into the fund for new locker rooms?

  6. I see Kelly posted a contribution

  7. That's what Milan tweeted last night...welcome back, JC! Let's Mount Up!