Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Abraham won't return at Robert Morris

Karon Abraham has been dismissed from the Robert Morris basketball team. After sitting out this season, Abraham was expected to be one of the Colonials leaders next year.

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  1. Extremely interesting how more accountable they hold their players when its not just before a championship game!

  2. Sounds like a troubled kid, poor impulse control, we know about the alcohol and we probably will not find out much more. As a parent, I say best of luck to him as he grows up.

    As for RMU, I say we need to get a lobbyist to start working for us. Contact the NEC officials and all the other teams in the league to film, analyze and make sure the officials call more of their constant contact. They basically dare you to call the fouls. I hate their arrogant style of play and I am going to do something about it.

  3. Quite possibly my favorite quote ever:

    "We're disappointed that Karon will no longer be part of our program, but we hold our student-athletes to extremely high standards, not only on the court but off the court, as well."

  4. Hey JAB169!!

    You got that right! Actually that is the only way they have won so much the past few years. Granted, there has been some true talent there, but that 'special' formula that Mike Rice instituted has been their ticket. They are easily one of the dirtiest teams I have seen play in person- and not just against the Mount. In addition, they love to cheat even more with their spying on what the other team is going to do. For every time and sometimes every play, they had their 'spy' the hood rat Dallas Green constantly looking over at Mount's bench to see what was being called. Somehow they knew something....The Mount coaching staff was fully aware of it. I bet the coaching staff went to the NEC a few times about it to no avail. I hate that team more than any other.

  5. I am soooooooo glad I will hopefully never have to see Kayy-Ronn ever bobbing his head like a maniac thug to the rap joint 'I'm Goin' In' by Drake during pregame warmups.

    That rap tune must have been RMU's theme song, as they blared it at every game I went to up there at Sewall Center. Their music was nice and loud there- their sound system vastly outdoes the Mount, so does their game announcer.

    The Mount needs a more exciting announcer like they used to have with Dave Owens, the light skinned guy with 'fu-manchu' mustache that used to do it from Walkersville I believe. He really got the crowd into it and brought energy. Heck, I'd love to be the announcer if I didnt live here in Valdosta. Maybe I could do it via computer or something, lol. the way.... whatever happened to good ol' PG thug Rob-Rob that used to play at RMU?