Monday, March 26, 2012

It's Official (Officially)

Here is the press release from The Mount

The Press Conference is tomorrow at 3pm. Streamed online at

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  1. I'm sure President Powell signed off on the hiring of Jamion because he has the word "Christ" spelled out in his last name...

    I kid, I kid...

  2. Going to be a great 2012-2013 Season! Maybe Jamion can bring in a few transfers from William&Mary and VCU.

  3. Now, the key is-----are Whack and Prescott still coming along with the other recruits?? I sense a power change a comin' within the conference.

  4. We don't want any W&M transfers haha.

  5. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Okay, here we go! GO Mount!

    Spirit, community involvement, offense, hard training already - I don't remember any of these for the past 2 years.

  6. Well, great conference. I am delighted to see the team, old coaches and a crowded room. Coach lights up the stage. Have a great journey, we are there for the ride.

  7. That Press Conference was a thing of Beauty. It's a joy to watch someone who actually looked thrilled to be a part of the Mount community. Jamion has a fire & a spark to him that will hopefully lead this program back to being a consistent contender in the NEC. I also like how he stressed being "fast, aggressive, & fun to watch!" I can already sense that some of the current team is in for a rude awakening when it comes to putting forth your best efforts.

    Being a D1 athlete is a privilege, especially when you get a full ride @ a school that costs around $45000 to the average student. Time to "weed" out the non-players & establish a band of brothers who represent our school to the highest degree. We want players who want to be in Emmitsburg, not just a group of teenagers who are there to play hoops.

    There is beyond a shadow of a doubt a new Sheriff in town, & I am very excited about the future. Now, there will be growing pains as Jamion attempts to establish his brand of leadership, but if yesterday's presser was any indication, he is well on his way.

    MOUNT UP!!!