Tuesday, October 28, 2008

NBA Opening Night; Pot Luck Blog

The NBA opens up play tonight.

But enough about that. I'm watching more college football tonight. Marshall and Houston on are in the Tuesday Interactive Game on ESPN2. So we'll watch that. And pass along some thoughts we have on just about everything going on in the world of sports right now.

8:13PM: Marshall broke out the green headgear for the "Green Out". A very nice move by them. And then to let the Duece in the locker room to see the shock and emotion on their face when they got the first look at the helmet was truly amazing.

8:14PM: Gotta give Bud Selig some credit for this new plan. He finally figured out how to start a game at 8:30 and finish by midnight. All you have to do is start the game in the sixth inning. Whenever the storm gets out of here they'll get back to playing. But they might want to consider the split innings games the rest of the way, then that way we'd all get to see the whole game. Who cares if it is over two days?

8:19PM: The first poll question on the ESPN game was if the three BCS unbeatens end up unbeaten who should play for the national championship? I know most of the season, I would have said Alabama. But right now I think that Penn State has done more than the Tide. And I'd have it Penn State vs. Texas. Still, I think if Alabama ends up unbeaten, at that point, having played one more game it might be hard to deny them.

8:24PM: Some preseason conference basketball polls coming out this week as conferences hold their media days. As far as early season Mount opponents go, I noticed that Loyola is picked to finish fifth in the MAAC. Brian Rudolph was named second-team MAAC and Marquis Sullivan was placed on the third team.

In the ACC Virginia Tech was picked to finish sixth. The Mount plays Tech three weeks from today in Blacksburg. A couple of stories about the Hokies as they prepare for the
season The Hokies just missed the NCAA tournament last year and are looking to improve on the NIT bid. Point guardMalcolm Delaney shares his thoughts on what Tech needs to do to improve.

Another perspective

The Carroll County News' Bob Blubaugh was at the game yesterday.
Here is his story of the outcome.

A few other things looking back....

I really was impressed with how hard this team played. This was a scrimmage but they played very hard.

The half court sets are going to be tough to get much out of because the defense knows what is coming. But still the offense generally created chances.

Let's hope whatever held Will Holland out of the game yesterday isn't a serious injury. The offense is going to need his jump shooting ability. Chris Vann was the team's leading three-point shooter last year, and although there are other options around to pick up that slack, Holland seems like the best one.

It will be interesting to see how much the longer three-point line affects play this year. There were times yesterday, when you saw a shot from inside the new line but beyond the old, that you thought, wow that would have been three last year. Not that I really remember any of those shots going in. So we'll see what impact it has on the game as the season develops.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Back from the ARCC

My daughter, Caton and I took in the Annual Blue-White scrimmage today on Jim Phelan Court. On the way to the game, I asked her who she thought would win.

"Whichever team Jeremy Goode is on," she replied.

Turns out Goode was on the Blue team. Final Score, Blue 72, White 46.

She's pretty smart for a 9-year old.

The game was a series of 3 10-minute periods and Goode's blue squad won all three. Some of the players rotated between the two squads at the breaks of the periods. The Blue squad was basically the first team. Will Holland missed the scrimmage due to an injury (but he got his work in on the exercise bike).

Goode led all scorers with 20 points, on 7-12 shooting. He also had 7 assists in the 30 minutes of play. Jean Cajou who also played all 30 minutes with the Blue had 13 points.

Kelly Beidler played the final 10 minutes with the White squad and he led them with 14 points. That period was the closest of the three as Cajou's three-pointer with 5 seconds left gave the Blue the win.

Here are some thoughts and observations from the outing....

If you thought this team played quick at the end of last year, you ain't seen nothing yet. There might have to be some constraints put on them at some point, because it got a little crazy at times, but they are looking to go all the time. It's not quite Corey Gaines, Bo Kimble and Hank Gathers and the rest of the running Lions of Loyola Marymount, but it is quick. Very quick.

There is a lot of depth to this team. That is obvious. And it's amazing how much of it comes on the frontcourt where this program has been lucky to have one or two able bodies a year, let alone the five or six that were running around out there tonight.

So in numerical order here's a little synopsis of what I saw....

#0 Jean Cajou - The guy actually took shots that didn't go in. I didn't remember that from last year. He did make 3 of 6 from behind the arc, so it's not like he's in a slump or anything.

#1 Jeremy Goode - All the stuff you heard in the offseason about him being better is true. He looks good shooting the ball, is in control when he wants to be, and looks like a leader out there. At times, he got a little carried away, but I'll take some of that when you're getting all the positives. And I think he might be a little less flashy when the big lights go on.

#2 Malcolm Parham - a walk on guard who didn't play very much, but picked up an assist in that one minute.

#4 Kelly Beidler - He looks big and strong and more athletic then guys who play on the wing at this level. But while playing with the starters, he didn't really do very much. But he had a huge 10 minutes with the white and really looked good doing it.

#5 Pierre Brown - Quite the contrary to Beidler. He seemed somewhat overmatched when he was a main option with the white team. But when he was part of the blue team he seemed to fit into the role and picked up seven points in ten minutes. I can see him contributing and giving this team a valuable 10-12 minutes a night. But he can't be a defensive liability and Beidler ate him up for awhile.

#10 Shawn Atupem - He floated back and forth between the White and the Blue. He seems to be the post player with the most explosiveness. He scored 12 points and had six rebounds in 21 minutes. It looks like he's gotten better since the end of last season.

#12 Lamar Trice - Don't pick up the box score and think you understand how Trice played. For a freshman he's impressive. He was playing with the lesser group for all 30 minutes and that made a difference. He seems to have confidence in his jump shot and just absolutely manages the game from that slot. He may not play a lot behind #1, but I'll have confidence in him when he's on the floor.

#20 Kevin Jones - Another of the walkons. He scored two points.

#22 John Schwarz - He's clearly not the athletic type of some of the other post-up players, but he did make a few low block moves that in time could help him develop into something positive at this level.

#30 Jacolby Wells - I thought this was a positive debut for the freshman. He scored eight points and grabbed four boards in 12 minutes of play as a reserve for the Blue team. He oozes athleticism and he's going to be fun to watch develop.

#31 Danny Thompson - Another reserve for the Blue. He missed all of last year with the ACL injury, so this was his first action. Put himself in good position to score and rebound but didn't always convert.

#34 Tayvon Jackson - The boxscore shows the forward with 7 points, 5 rebounds and 2 blocks in 20 minutes. He had two nice blocks on the defensive end and could become a shot blocker with that left hand.

#40 Sam Atupem - He seemed to be bothered by some sort of ailment, and this clearly wasn't his best performance. But after three solid years, there is little concern there. Unless the injury is serious, because nobody plays to their potential when they are hurt.

#45 Markus Mitchell - You know what you're going to get from Markus. Solid play all around. He grabbed 12 boards in 20 minutes and contributed 9 points and 5 assists as well. A solid effort from the senior.

#51 Mike Harvey - Freshman walkon from the Berm competed well and finished with four points and three rebounds.

They all competed hard and they hustled. It was obviously an intra-squad scrimmage, but they played hard. Just seeing this group back on the floor was good. It has me even more pumped up for the opener at Loyola.

Afterwards, the players stuck around and Caton got a page full of autographs. She was a bit shy, but I think she really enjoyed the experience of getting to meet the players. She joked afterwards - ok maybe she wasn't joking - that her page full of autographs might be the first full page of autographs for the 2009 Northeast Conference champions.

Yes, she's a smart nine-year old.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

More preseason accolades

The preseason honors keep rolling in for this Mt. St. Mary's basketball team.

Collegehoops.net announced its preseason mid-major All-Americanteam. Among the honorable mention selections was the Mountaineers Jeremy Goode.

Goode, a 5-9 junior point guard from Charlotte North Carolina, will look to lead the Mounties back to the NCAA tournament this year. Most (if not all) preseason predictions have the Mount as the NEC champ and NCAA rep as the squad returns 7 of its top 8 players from last year's squad.

Goode was the only NEC player picked to the list. American guard Garrison Carr is the only player on the Mount schedule that was a part of things. He was also selected as honorable mention. The Mount and the Eagles face off on December 1.

The first team features Stephen Curry (Davidson) and Patrick Mills (St. Mary's) at the guards. The forwards are Lester Hudson (Tenn-Martin) and Matt Howard (Butler) and at Center is Diamon Simpson (St. Mary's).

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Confirmation on the NEC TV games

As I stated earlier today, the Mount was likely to have 4 NEC games on TV this year. That number has been confirmed at Mountathletics.com. So all told, as of right now, 10 games will be televised for the Mountaineers this year. That has to be some sort of school record.

To win the NEC championship, the Mounties went on the road to defeat Robert Morris and Sacred Heart to secure the NCAA berth. Both of those road trips, the NEC lid-lifter at SHU and the finale with the Colonials will be on NEC TV - and available via MASN.

Home games with Long Island and Wagner also have been selected for broadcast.

Meanwhile, the Mount has announced that the Blue-White Scrimmage will be held Monday evening at 5pm. I'm going to try to get there as quickly as I can, but I doubt I'll make tipoff. Still expect a full report of whatever I'm fortunate enough to see.

Here's one more preview story after the opening weekend of practice from the local

More Media

One trip to the NCAA tournament gets you a lot of respect. At least as far as television coverage goes. That and a regional sports network that needs quality programming. And the fact that the Mount is playing a regionally heavy schedule. MASN has picked up the George Mason and Georgetown games and will now broadcast 4 Mountie non-conference games. Loyola and American had previously been announced. Great stuff. In addition, I would be shocked if the game at Penn State isn't picked up on the Big Ten Network - the 4 o'clock start time seems to fit into a hole in their programming schedule. Plus, I'm hearing the Mount will be featured on NEC TV four times this season, including a game versus Sacred Heart.

Meanwhile, some current video from WHAG-TV in Hagerstown. Click watch once you are there.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Cowbell

Sorry I couldn't resist the urge.

Game one of the World Series from Tampa Bay coming up next. They just introduced the starting lineups. Did they get that guy from the Lightning or something?

And then the Backstreet Boys to sing the national anthem? Are you serious? They should have brought over Four for a Dollar from Orlando. But the Backstreet Boys did their best to delay the start of Game one longer than Obama will when he buys the 1/2 hour leading up to it later in the Series. Just sing fellas. Are they cheering because they are finally done or what?

8:39PM: Fly ball to right field from Rollins to start the game. One away. Chase Utley's two run homer has given the Phillies the early lead. A drive to right field off the lefthander Kazmir.

Akinori Iwamura got on in the bottom of the inning for the Rays, but was erased on a double play check swing grounder from BJ Upton.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jeremy being Jeremy

Maybe you caught the bit on Colonials Corner about Jeremy Goode and his comments in the Frederick News Post.

We like what Andrew does over at Colonials Corner and during the regular season we regularly check his site to see what's new with RMU and the rest of the NEC. However, we think Andrew is way off base on this one. Here's the quote from Goode that he has taken exception to....

"No one expected us do anything (last year) and now everybody's saying we are the premier team," junior guard and leading scorer Jeremy Goode said. "But it doesn't mean anything on paper. Robert Morris started out at the top last year, coasted through the whole season, and then let it go at the end."

Now, I just don't see what's so offensive about that. Goode merely states the facts as they are. The media, and the pundits (myself included) have made the Mounties the favorite this year. That, the strong finish and all the returning players. Robert Morris was one of the favorites last year, Goode correctly points that out. The Colonials basically went wire-to-wire winning the NEC regular season title. And then they were ousted in the NEC semifinals, and had to settle for a trip to The Hill and the Carrier Dome for an NIT loss to conclude the season. Let's be honest it wasn't what they had in mind.

I think Chiappazzi is somehow reading the quote as if Goode is stating because the Mount got there last year, they are ordained to get there again. And in some way, he's making the quote about Robert Morris. Meanwhile, I'm reading the quote as the veteran point guard stating that merely nothing is going to be given to his squad. That instead they've got to work for everything, and that as a team leader he is going to make sure his teammates realize it. That's great leadership in my view.

Chiappazzi did get one thing right. (and he usually gets most things right). The games between the two teams this year will be full of intensity. The Mount is the favorite and RMU is still strong and seeking revenge. And everybody knows, at least if you follow the NEC, that these two don't really like each other. Can't wait. But I don't think this adds anything to the rivalry, instead I think its a lot of respect for RMU and the rest of the NEC coming from Goode. (Not that I mean to speak for him)

So anyhow, speaking of Goode, no matter who you talk to about the Mounties and the offseason workouts and now the first few days of practice, they have to talk about him. There are other names mentioned in regards to offseason improvement and who is playing well and who they just won't be able to keep off the floor, but a conversation never goes by without hearing about how good, about how much better Goode is right now than last year. That's good news for Mountaineer fans.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A little bit of football and the end of the Sox?

Another Thursday night and more baseball, plus the 43rd game of the college football season for me. TCU hosting BYU. The Horned Frogs have already taken a 14-0 lead.

But be sure to check out who the folkat Madness All Season think have a first round upset possibility. Man, I'm getting exciting. You might notice that Jeff also considered the Mount for his non-BCS Top 25, as he should have.

8:47PM: Does anybody think that BYU can back in this game? I really don't. Down 14 to this Horned Frog defense is a lot of points. It is still very early. Very early. But I think that the TCU defense is just way too good. And I had the Horned Frogs, before the game as well. And there is a pick for the Horned Frogs (how many times can I use the nickname in one blog?)

8:52PM: I read in ESPN the Magazine before the playoffs that BJ Upton wasn't to be feared this postseason because a shoulder injury had deprived him of all his power. Guess opposing pitchers have a subscription as well. The Red Sox are also down two scores. However, somehow I think they are not out of this, but Kazmir just k'd Crisp to end the second.

9:19PM: I had a little internet issue and the Horned Frogs were held to a field goal. So its 17-0. But they are getting the ball back as they have stopped the Cougars once again.

9:23PM: I'm surprised that when having the choice of an ACC game involving Florida State, I'd rather watch BYU and TCU. But it truly is the better game of the night. But I'm also not surprised that TCU is winning. Not surprised in the least. But I am starting to sense that BYU is starting to slowly but surely gain a little bit of momentum in this football game.

9:37PM: I'm thinking this game is about to get boring. Just be defense. Unless the BYU offense picks it up a little. Because TCU seems content to just be conservative offensively and milk this 17 point lead. Because they don't seem to think that BYU is going to be able to score against them. And if that is the case, I guess there is no reason to do anything differently on offense. And then again, maybe they are going to add something before the half. Taking what BYU gives them. This half has been all TCU. I don't think BYU can be good enough to overcome the 23 point deficit (missed Xtra point). TCU just scored on a great fade touchdown pass from Andy Dalton to Walter Bryant in the back of the end zone. Can you say woodshed?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tooting our own horn

A little blurb in the local paper about the GYSC Dynamos, an Under 10 soccer team that my daughter plays on. Here's the

Great effort by all of the girls over the weekend.

Monday, October 13, 2008

American game on MASN

The Mount St. Mary's game versus American scheduled for the 1st day of December will be broadcast on MASN. The contest, originally scheduled to begin at 7:30, will tip off at 9:00 pm.

Both the Mountaineers and the Eagles participated in the NCAA tournament a year ago. MSM dropped Coppin State in the opening round game, before falling to North Carolina in the 1st round. Meanwhile, American lost to Tennessee in the first round.

The NEC TV schedule should be announced soon. The Mount which has only gotten token appearances in the past is expected to be featured much more prominently this season. The NEC made its first regular season appearances on ESPNU last season, and there are some rumblings that the Mountaineers and Sacred Heart, who met for the NEC championship last season, might draw an ESPNU appearance this year. However, it seems that those chances might not be as high as originally thought, but we're still holding out hope.

Either way, the preseason reports are still very positive. This is the most excitement that has surrounded the start of a Mountaineer season since the last time they entered the season following an NCAA tournament appearance. We know what happened that year. Melvin Whitaker broke his ankle in preseason practice, and everything spiraled downhill from there.

The schedule this year is tough. But as I've said before it features winnable games. The trouble is all those road games. But for this veteran group they should be up to the challenge. Practice starts this week, its time to get to work.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Maybe we're not that Bad

Don't for a second mistake this post as a save Greg Robinson post. The sooner he and Daryl Gross are gone, the sooner we can get back to being a respectable college football program again.

But in reality, I think we're actually much closer to it than many folks think. The loss at West Virginia on Saturday was more of the typical frustration that has come with the Robinson Era. Actually it was something different entirely. Unlike most of Robinson's 33 losses, it wasn't decided until late in the contest. In fact, had the Orange found a way to tackle Noel Devine, instead of letting him race 92 yards for a touchdown, we might be talking about a win.

And truly as we were facing the 1st and ten at the 11 trailing only 10-6 with about 6 minutes left, I was wondering if it was actually possible for this team to get to 6-6 and maybe goto a bowl game. Ok, maybe that was irrational. But the fact is that this team, particularly offensively is starting to do good things and the schedule from here on out isn't that overly scary. (Although the USF spread could be a real problem for this defense).

Ultimately, much of this team is youthful, and there continues to be signs that the youth will eventually develop into something positive.

Mainly, I'm excited about this group of wide receivers. I've always thought that Donte Davis might develop into the best one and he had a very nice game. It has been nice to see Lavar Lobdell make some very nice catches in the last few weeks, and Marcus Sales looks the part of a potential big-time receiver. Meanwhile, Van Chew had another fine catch, and Chaz Cervino and Da'Mon Merkerson got into the action as well.

Also, I like the development of the offensive line. I think that with three sophomores up there, we could have some solid cohesiveness for awhile. It's no doubt that they block best for Curtis Brinkley right now. Because he is our best running back. And he will be missed in the future. But I have faith that among Delone Carter, Averin Collier, Mike Jones, and Antwon Bailey we will find some quality carries over the next three or four years.

Meanwhile, the defense has shown plenty of athletes of late. Most impressive to me has been the play of the outside linebackers. Both are again sophomores (notice the trend) and have been increasingly been getting better. Mike Mele was absolutely abused in the season opener at Northwestern, but has his best game versus Pittsburgh. This week Derrell Smith, who has been getting noticeably better weekly, had a fine performance with 8 tackles, including 3.5 for loss.

I have confidence in the secondary getting better in time as the youth continues to mature. Mike Holmes has been inconsistent as he has adapted to being the top cover corner this year. But he was extremely solid on Saturday and I am confident he will get better. Meanwhile, guys in the secondary like Nico Scott, Dorian Graham, Kevyn Scott and Randy McKinnon have all shown promise this year and have plenty of eligibility left.

The bottomline is we were the better team on Saturday. Yet, we lost the game. Some (as my next door neighbor pointed out) might say it's because we haven't learned how to win yet. That might be true. And it might simply be because Greg Robinson makes horrible decisions.

Still, I think these players can help the new coach turn it around fairly quickly. We are not as bad as many think we are. We are closer to turning it around than most give Greg Robinson credit for. But the only thing that is certain is that Robinson isn't the guy to let try to turn it around.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Thursday Night Football and the NLCS

Ok - so maybe I'm going to watch some baseball as well tonight. I heard they start that NLCS in Philadelphia tonight. It could be a pretty interesting series.

But I've started with football tonight. Wake Forest and Clemson have a quarter in the books. It was a quarter that the Demon Deacons absolutely dominated. And after 15 minutes they have a whopping 3-0 lead. Two very good drives from Wake produced only a field goal. They had a second attempt missed (Sam Swank out with an injury - but it was the snap that caused the miss.

Meanwhile, Clemson (one of the most disappointing teams of the young season) has negative yards of offense. But they are in Wake territory to start the second quarter. I just have a feeling that Clemson is going to take advantage of Wake's inability to score points sometime soon.

8:31PM - The Dodgers have scored a run in the first and have a runner on second against Cole Hamels with two outs. Hamels walks the lefthander James Loney and will now have to face Matt Kemp, who mashes lefthanders. Not what the Phils wanted in a start. A passed ball has moved both runners up. It's important for the Phillies to get out of this with minimal damage. Doubles from Ethier and Ramirez provided the run for the Dodgers. The Phillies get out of it, with just that minimal damage, as Kemp flies out.

8:35PM - Wake Forest seems to try a lot of trick stuff. They just tried to hit quarterback Riley Skinner on a post pattern. He was open for a minute, but the throw was late. I just think they should take it to Clemson, they seem to be able to get what they need anyhow. Why bother with the fancy stuff?

8:38PM - I never really thought Joe Torre was a great manager. But I'm starting to rethink that, with the performance of the Dodgers down the stretch and in the playoffs. Of course, the addition of Manny Ramirez and his run production (he got the ribbi tonight) hasn't hurt. The shift, and a nice play from Blake Dewitt have gotten Derek Lowe out of a mini jam in the first.

8:44PM - Back to the football....and an injury to a Tiger lineman sends them to commercial and me looking for baseball.

8:45PM - Happy NHL opening Night!!! I know you are pumped. Is there a game on somewhere? Versus perhaps the NHL network?

8:47PM - Hamels seems more relaxed this inning. Not quite as amped - and not as rusty after the 7-day layoff. So why do lefties hit him better? Because his best pitch is the changeup which is tougher on righties than lefties, because of the movement. It was always that way with Tom Glavine as well. Three up, Three down, and the Phillies come to bat.

8:52PM - Wake got a field goal attempt from Shane Popham, and if they put the goalposts on the hashmarks, it might have been good. But it wasn't even close. Looks like it is going to be 3-0 at halftime. But possibly Clemson will get something on the 2-minute drill. I'm going to take a break for awhile.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Apparently last week was my bye week. So as I sit here watching the Sun Belt Conference for the second straight week, I'm reminded that I should be posting about all of these games.

So here is a look back at the week that was college football or at least what I was watching.

Game 31- Florida Atlantic 13 at Middle Tennessee State 14 - Great call by GA Mangus on the hail mary to lift MTSU past the Owls. Exactly how old is Howard Schnellenberger? But seriously, that was a great ending to a football game that it never seemed like MTSU should be trailing in. Somehow, you just had the feeling they would win the game.

Game 32 - Louisiana Tech 3 at Boise State 38 - I was amazed that part of the Worldwide Leader's coverage was that LaTech couldn't be intimidated by the Blue turf. Really? Intimidated? I guess they were. It was an easy win for Boise State. How many years of eligibility does Ian Johnson have? I mean he's not even there best running back is he? I'd take Chris Petersen as the next head coach at Syracuse. But it's not going to happen. Boise might run the table and finish unbeaten. However, going to Southern Miss this week might not be so easy.

Game 33 - Pittsburgh 26 at South Florida 21 - There isn't too often when you get a legitimate choice on Thursday night as to which game to watch. But there were choices tonight. I'm glad I chose this one. Great win for the Panthers. Lesean McCoy had a great night running the football and I think he'll be a fine pro. But the Panthers defense won this game. They were sensational. All of a sudden, Pitt might be a favorite in the Big East. And then again, they'll probably lose in Annapolis next weekend.

Game 34 - Cincinnati 33 at Marshall 10 - It's not too often, where I really watch two mediocre teams. (Tuesday night Sun Belt games don't bring you two mediocre teams, and when you watch Syracuse you are guaranteed of one bad team) But both of these teams seemed very mediocre. I am impressed with Brian Kelly at UC. I'm also impressed (or am still impressed) with the UC dance team, but that is a different column (with pictures). But still, the Bearcats are 4-1, so they have that going for them. However, with wins over Eastern Kentucky, Miami (OH), Akron and Marshall there still has to be some question about how mediocre they are.

Game 35 - Kentucky 14 at Alabama 17 - If you'd have asked before the game (and why didn't you?), I'd have told you that the Wildcats would keep it close for awhile. As it turns out, they kept it close for a long while. And in fact gave the Tide all they wanted. But after the big win over Georgia, against a good Cat defense it could be expected. But Bama has some great running backs. It had that tough defense SEC feel to it. These are the types of games you can't lose if you want to win a national title. Bama stays alive.

Game 36 - Auburn 13 at Vanderbilt 14 - Admit it, when Auburn went ahead 13-0, you thought the Vanderbilt dream season was over? Well it sure seemed like it might have been. But give the Commodores credit, they kept battling and behind backup quarterback Mackenzi Adams they rallied for a huge win. Sort of reminded me of Riley Skinner taking over during Wake's great year a few years back. The other thing I was thinking during this game was that I'd hire Bobby Johnson as the Orange coach right now. No interviews, no nothing. Only guy I'd take over him would be Jim Grobe. But I don't think Grobe would leave Wake for Syracuse. I think you'd have a chance with Johnson. But you couldn't fault him if he opted to stay in Nashville.