Friday, April 16, 2010

Making a List

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

I don't know if there is really any interest on either side of the equation with any of these guys, but here is a list of guys that I'd start looking at....and checking their interest.

Robert Burke - assistant American - former assistant at Georgetown has all sorts of contacts in the Metro Area - but could he get kids to venture outside of the city.

Jerry Dunn or Jeff Lebo - Both have some ties to the area - and both would be looking to rebuild their careers. Dunn left Michigan midway through last season though to deal with some personal issues, not sure that has been resolved. Lebo had a lot of success at Tennessee Tech and then Chattanooga before being dumped at Auburn.

Steve Wojciechowski - The Severna Park native is one of the Associates on Coach K's bench and might be looking for his own program to run.

Cliff Warren - Wouldn't make sense for the former Mount point guard to leave Jacksonville for his alma mater, would it?

Brett Gunning - I don't think you can get him away the Rockets. But the former Villanova assistant is ready to run his own program and being from Philly this would be a good place to get started.

Jeff Battle - Many including me - think Wake picked the wrong guy in Dino Gaudio when Skip Prosser passed away. Battle is another guy with Philly connections.

Andy Enfield - An assistant at Florida State, the former deadeye shooter from Johns Hopkins has roots in this area - and should be ready to lead his own team. He's a solid recruiter who has NBA ties as well - and is a great teacher of shooting the basketball.

Jeff Rafferty - a highly regarded assistant right down the road at Delaware

Brion Dunlap - Dunlap appears to have the recommendation of those who played for the Mount the last several years. So that is a positive. And the continuity within the program would help.

Robert Wilkes - A top flight assistant at the top flight mid-major in the area right now in Old Dominion. Wilkes is the son of Glenn Wilkes, the longtime head coach at Stetson, and would keep the current connection to the Virginia area. He's had success with every program he's been at - and would likely be a good fit.

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  1. Anonymous5:43 PM

    'Cuse will lose 5 games this year and.....

    Bill Courtney will be the next coach at the Mount

  2. an interesting name...and one I searched for - sort of. I knew there was someone from Mason's staff who would fit the profile, but I knew he wasn't at Mason anymore. He definitely fits.

  3. icepack7:13 PM

    I have never met Bill, but........

    Courtney hails from Northern VA, has 2 young children and his wife is a consultant. The family would prosper at MSM. The salary would work.

    He is a perpetual optimist and is comfortable with the students and staff. His recruits got Mason to the final four. Coach Larranaga has nothing but the highest praise for him and his abilities.

  4. Richard7:16 PM

    I pick Warren or Lebo!

  5. Anonymous7:17 PM

    R - You're fired

  6. Richard7:55 PM

    Anonymous, if you wanna know the real truth I pick Jim Phelan sans prostate cancer! Fire me now.

  7. Richard8:02 PM

    I take back what I said. How about making the admirable Sam Atupem head honcho. He even talks like Mike Tyson, maybe he would punch Rat face Rice.

  8. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Richard -

    Those of us who have had prostate cancer know the average life expectancy from diagnosis is 17 years, or, as my medical school classmate said to me, congrats on your diagnosis, now you know you will die of something else!

    Jim is a good friend and I would love to see him coach again!

    As to the possible candidates, my thought is to pick wisely but with due speed as well as due diligence.

    We need to start recruiting seriously for 2011 and beyond, and we need to get the next coach to evaluate the team and incoming recruits, get them comfortable, etc.

    The consequences of delaying are sometimes years of decay and bad performances.

  9. icepack8:11 PM

    I love the "Rat face Rice" moniker.

  10. Richard10:12 PM

    Hey Anonymous is he a good enough friend that you could get him out for at least 5 more years? Phelan is like a father to me in so many ways. When I was in my low teens he used to let me come in during some practices. I became very good friends with Al Watson and especially Steve Kinney during those times. Jim knows me now if he looked at me. Sorry to hear you are one of the prostaters, I have symptoms of it too according to my doctors even tho I only in my mid 30s. Otherwise, I have undergone 5 big anatomical surgeries in the past year- yet still went on the CT trip to watch the Mount this year as well as many other games. I only did not go to the Bryant-Mount game cuz I wanted to see Quinnipiac whip RMU for the title instead. Please if you could, talk yours and my friend Jimmy Phelan to come back for 5 more at least. I'd love to know that Rat Rice would have many sleepless nights knowing the mystique of the bowtie is omnipresent.

  11. Richard10:15 PM

    Hey icepack well doesn't his face look rat-ish? His face sure nuff ran Brown out of the NEC. I do think that played into it I dont care what yall say. Such a dream to have Jim back. Hey Raff, is Jim a candidate?

  12. Richard11:23 PM

    I also wouldnt mind Coach Dan Englestad. For some reason I like that guy. He knew very well about Dallas Green and his spying.

  13. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Hey, Coach Rice - is that your tail or are you just sitting on a stool?

  14. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Burke would also be a good fit. He was also an assistant at Princeton where they won a few Ivy titles. He would do well at the Mount.

  15. You guys do know that Jeff Lebo is the new head coach at East Carolina...

  16. Barry - I messed up....and never bothered to take Lebo's name down after I realized it.

    But maybe his father, Dave, who has ties to the area - and isn't moving with Jeff to ECU would be interested.