Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bad, Bad News

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

Donte Morales has reopened his recruiting. The 6-5 swingman, with long range jumper ability signed a LOI to attend the Mount in November, but after spending a year at Fishburne Academy decided to re-enter the recruiting pool - when Milan Brown left for Holy Cross.

The first stop on his recruiting tour is North Carolina-Wilmington with new coach Buzz Peterson. According to Brian Mull of the Star News Online, Morales is also receiving interest from several A-10 caliber schools.

The Mount originally landed Morales after he had decommitted from the Air Force Academy after finding the military life wasn't for him. As a senior at Landstown, Morales averaged 19.6 points and 8.5 rebounds a game.

Since Brown left the Mount, the rumors have been flying that the only way to keep the incoming recruiting class was to hire assistant Brion Dunlap. Now it appears that Morales has acted before the University.

With that said, reopening recruitment after a coaching change is common and does not always result in a player changing his mind. But the fact that Morales is taking official visits before the Mount has named a new coach can not be viewed as a good sign.

Brown left the Mount on April 16th, which is two weeks tomorrow. Mount Athletic Director Lynne Phelan Robinson originally set two weeks as the timetable for finding a new coach. The AD and the search committee have been interviewing candidates during the last two weeks. It seems that the ability to name a new coach is now more urgent than ever.


  1. icepack9:55 PM

    As I said a few hours ago, these things frequently happen when a recruiting coach leaves a school.

  2. Richard11:45 PM

    This really sucks. Its about damn time they get something done there at MSM and stop beating around the bush. This really blows. I can hear RMU laughing hysterically now. Something better get done and it better be a damn good coach that MSM picks. I am not too happy right now to say the least. I wish Jim Phelan would be the one who picks the coach instead of his daughter. It is time to stop playing around and get something done damn!!! I wish he would just come out of retirement and straighten everything out. He is the King.

  3. Anonymous8:32 AM

    He is listed as having signed a NLI, so would he not have to sit out a year if he does not come to MSM?

  4. My understanding of the general rule is that yes he would have to sit out a year if he breaks the NLI and goes elsewhere - unless he is released from the NLI by the school.

    In cases like this ie coaching changes, the school generally will comply with the wishes of the student athlete.

    I am unsure of the rules about taking visits and contact with other schools after the NLI has been signed.

    Therefore, what I am saying is there are two possibilities here...
    1) Morales has asked for and been granted his release from the NLI
    2) Morales is considering other options - and doesn't want to wait until after the Mount has picked a coach to start the recruitment process - but has not asked for the release yet.

    I do not know which situation applies in this case. I do not know if Morales is still open to the possibility of the Mount after the change is announced or if he is gone for good.

  5. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Raff, where do you think the Mount will finish next year? The cellar?

  6. It's always darkest before the dawn

  7. Mount will be fine. Top 4 in the league as long as the team doesnt implode and kids decide to leave. Hopefully most of the recruits will stay with the mount especially the 5'8" kid.

  8. Richard3:00 PM

    Maybe MSM will just hire Tony Little to be coach, and then we can all relax and enjoy the show and many years of NEC titles.

  9. I just hope we don't release him from his NLI without at least the opportunity for whoever the new coach is to meet with him.

    You don't have to sit out a year as a transfer until you actually enroll in the school and then leave.

  10. Donte has been released from his NLI but I feel confident that he will stay if Brion gets the job. Same with Justin, who I don't think has asked for his release. And there would be no penalty.
    But I just missed three birdies inside 15 feet and only hit 10 greens, I shouldn't be on here right now.

  11. Richard4:12 PM

    Gerick, you gotta do something and save our team! Why can't you be at least an assistant? You could probably handle it and do well.

  12. Richard12:16 PM

    HahaHa. I love all this arguing, at least it shows that someone cares. With what I considered subpar fan support last year, I wondered if anybody cared as much as I did. Gerick, you should just stop being so defensive and be yur smooth self. Don't let anyone get to you Gerick, these times are quite stressing for me too. Gerick for Prez!!!