Friday, April 30, 2010

National Letter of Intent - What happens to the MSM signees in this situation

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

Taken from the NLI section of
$3 Flat Rate Shipping on All Orders!The NCAA Eligibility Center manages the daily operations of the NLI program while the Collegiate Commissioners Association (CCA) provides governance oversight of the program. Started in 1964 with seven conferences and eight independent institutions, the program now includes 612 Division I and II participating institutions.

The NLI is a voluntary program with regard to both institutions and student-athletes. No prospective student-athlete or parent is required to sign the National Letter of Intent, and no institution is required to join the program.

By signing a National Letter of Intent, a prospective student-athlete agrees to attend the designated college or university for one academic year. Pursuant to the terms of the National Letter of Intent program, participating institutions agree to provide athletics financial aid for one academic year to the student-athlete, provided he/she is admitted to the institution and is eligible for financial aid under NCAA rules. An important provision of the National Letter of Intent program is a recruiting prohibition applied after a prospective student-athlete signs a Letter of Intent. This prohibition requires participating institutions to cease recruitment of a prospective student-athlete once a National Letter of Intent is signed with another institution.

The National Letter of Intent has many advantages to both prospective student-athletes and participating educational institutions:

Once a National Letter of Intent is signed, prospective student-athletes are no longer subject to further recruiting contacts and calls.
Student-athletes are assured of an athletics scholarship for one full academic year.
By emphasizing a commitment to an educational institution, not particular coaches or teams, the program focuses on a prospective student-athlete's educational objectives.

Based on what I am reading there - the NLI means that another school cannot recruit the player without a release from the NLI. Therefore, if Morales is visiting UNCW as reported - he is doing it either having been released from the NLI or breaking the agreement.

In addition the Basic Penalty as described at
Basic Penalty.  I understand that if I do not attend the institution named in this document for one full academic year and I enroll in another institution participating in the NLI program, I may not compete in intercollegiate athletics until I have completed one full academic year in residence at the latter institution.  Further, I understand I shall be charged with the loss of one season of intercollegiate athletics competition in all sports.  This is in addition to any seasons of competition expended at any institution.
Based on all of that it sounds to me like Morales has to be released from the NLI to compete somewhere else next season - and if he is not released, he would only have 3 years of eligibility in total.

I do not know the specifics of this case. But I think you can draw a few conclusions based on the above. Let's hope it all works out for the best.

As a followup - the internet buzz is that Morales has requested and been granted his NLI release. Some folks close to the program knew nothing of it or didn't want to share if they did. The other part of the rumor mill is that Morales will resign if Dunlap is hired. As far as I know, neither Burrell or James has asked for the release, but that could happen if they don't like the ultimate decision.

However, go back to Burrell's comments at the time of the signing and there is some hope that it isn't just the coaching staff that attracted him....

From an article at
“I picked Mount St. Mary’s because the school was a good fit,” said Burrell “I felt I fit in with their system of play, I had a good feel for their coaching staff and I got along with the players there.

“Once I got up there, I was sold.” “It’s a smaller campus,” he said, “and everything is right there. I liked that. I got to see the players and they’re all guys who work hard. I got a feel that I can play at that level.”
 “With my penetration and fast-pace running the break,” Burrell said, “that’s what I do well and that’s what they focus on.”

But that is not to underestimate the connection he had to the old coaching staff, and current candidate Brion Dunlap.

 “I spoke with coach Dunlap a lot,” Burrell said. “He’s from the area and he was involved in a lot of my recruiting. He came to a lot of games and open gyms. He’s also good friends with my cousin, Hollis Johnson—it’s a good connection.
 Again I hope it all works out for the best.


  1. Thanks for the clarification Raff.

    If he wants his release we should definitely grant it to him (but according to the omniscient BG we already have so its kinda a moot point). BTW, best of luck buddy.

    It would just be petty and hurt our reputation in recruiting circles and really serve no benefit besides trying to screw over Morales.

    I hope that if Brion gets the job, everyone stays, because it sure seems like the Class of 2014 will continue the trend of every fourth year being the team's foundation for the 4 years they are at the Mount.

  2. icepack4:19 PM

    On the issue of hiring coaches AND recruiting players, check the Facebook and My Space pages on the individuals. Really interesting, I will say no more.

  3. Richard4:42 PM

    HaHa Dan, I love Gerick.

  4. Anonymous5:14 PM

    The statements of a couple of 18 year olds are about as poor a reason as I can think of for hiring or not hiring a college coach. Get the right coach and things will be as good as they can be. Don't let the prospective recruits weigh in. Sorry.

    Also, I must tell you I do not know coach Dunlap, so this comment is strictly intended to be neutral with regard to his possible hiring.

  5. Anonymous5:59 PM

    OMG, icepack you are unreal. I just found Morales on a social site. Loves himself. Is that good or bad?

  6. Anonymous6:56 PM

    The recruits staying is another reason why Dunlap needs to get the job. Continuity goes a long way on this level. look at the sucess that Butler has. Picking the wrong coach here could set the mount back for years. Lets face it the mount doesnt have alot to offer. Kids come to the mount because of the coaches( Jim phelan, Milan brown). Hire Dunlap and lets prepare for a much improved NEC next year.

  7. @Anonymous

    It has to be a factor. This is a very highly touted recruiting class after 3 significant departures. If we lose these guys, there's virtually no one available late and it could set us back years.

    Also, as Raff has stated, he has the endorsement of past and current players.

  8. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Sorry Dan and anyone else who thinks this one recruiting class is a reason to listen to teenagers. Have you no children? It is the age of angst.

    Have you not noticed how many comments we have had about how well all the other NEC schools have been doing - IN THE PAST WEEK - on 2010 recruits?

    Get a life.

    If Brion deserves the job I hope he gets it. But not because of these three babies.

  9. Anonymous9:49 PM

    I couldn't agree more. Pick the best coach, regardless of this year's recruiting class. We will be better off in the long run.

  10. Wow, anonymous. Way to overstate my point.

    All I said is that it has to be a factor and I'm told to get a life?

    Obviously, if somebody like Ingelsby or Kanaiskie is the better choice, you go with him. You go with the guy who is best for the program now and for the future. I never said anything to the contrary.

    But Dunlap, who very well may be the difference between getting a highly touted group of players in here by all accounts and not, has to have that as an advantage among SEVERAL other factors.

    I don't care how other NEC schools have been doing in recruiting "IN THE PAST WEEK", I just find it very hard to believe we'll get anybody nearly as good as Morales or Burrell that is still unsigned this late in the process with a coach that hasn't been recruiting the guys who are still unsigned.

    Again, in case you're still struggling to capture my clear point, the ability to retain the incoming recruits should be a factor, in my opinion, among several others, as to who our next coach is. It is not, however, the only reason why we should give somebody the job.

  11. Richard12:20 PM

    HahaHa. I love all this arguing, at least it shows that someone cares. With what I considered subpar fan support last year, I wondered if anybody cared as much as I did. Gerick, you should just stop being so defensive and be yur smooth self. Don't let anyone get to you Gerick, these times are quite stressing for me too. Gerick for Prez!!!