Saturday, April 03, 2010

Tids and Bits

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

Find it fascinating that Oregon is waving all this money around and can't find a head coach. Does it mean that Tom Izzo might really be considering it? And they are waiting until after the Final Four? That is the only thing that makes logical sense to me. But maybe the whole situation isn't logical.

Surprised that Tommy Amaker's name keeps getting mentioned as a possible replacement here or there. And BC really surprises me. I liked Duke when and Amaker and Dawkins were in the backcourt, but Amaker was a failure at Michigan. And he has certainly had relative success at Harvard - but if I was an AD - I'd have Amaker on the waiting list - I need to more proof that he can coach at this level.

Baseball season starts tomorrow night with the best matchup in sports The Yankees and the The Red Sox. Good way to conclude an Easter Sunday. It's hard to imagine the Yanks not being the best team in baseball this year, but the Sox feel they are improved.

Folks in Washington are starting to talk about Corey Hart in the team's discussions about another outfielder. You have to wonder when the Nats folks are going to learn that bringing in someone else's problems isn't a solution. Hart has regressed the last two seasons - and had an awful spring for the Brewers. That is why they are trying to move him.

I think Minnesota could be the real story of the early part of the American League schedule. The Twins have improved at several positions and the opening of Target Field should provide some real excitement. Plus the middle of that order can just flat out mash. If they get the pitching, and I'm expecting Liriano to come back very strong this year - they could be a real contender the whole year.

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