Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Making some Progress

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

A few things to pass along before I retire for the evening.....

Former Mount guard Jamion Christian is on the school's radar. A two-year assistant at William & Mary, the former Virginia High School player of the year is viewed as a rising candidate - and it is likely to garner him an interview. There is a Facebook Page....Jamion Christian for Mount Head Coach. I kid you not. 247 people like it.

Another former Mountaineer - Cliff Warren continues to have his name bantered about as does former Georgetown and current American assistant Robert Burke. Warren has a head coaching gig at Jacksonville and the head coaching job at his alma mater might be a paycut - and a little bit of a risk as Warren has things rolling for the Dolphins and keeps hearing his name mentioned for bigger jobs.

Ironically, Christian worked under Pat Flannery at Bucknell. And there have been some reports that Flannery might want to get back into the coaching game. This would be a great fit.

Cornell will name its replacement tomorrow according to several reports. If that ends up being Bill Courtney, you can scratch him from the list, if he was even on it to begin with.

Kurt Kanaskie is another interesting name. The Mechanicsburg, PA native grew up just a short ride up 15 from the Mount and played at LaSalle. Since then he built a strong program at IUP and that landed him a job at Drake. Things didn't work quite as well with the Bulldogs, but he's been back in PA as an assistant at Penn State since and could be one of the rare candidates with head coaching experience.

Marty Ingelsby an assistant out of Notre Dame is likely to get an interview. Brion Dunlap the current Mount assistant will interview for the head job - if he hasn't already.


  1. Anonymous2:06 AM

    Courtney may not be on your list but he is scheduled for an interview Tuesday. The feeling from Cornell is he may take the Mount job if he gets it. My guess is that IF Cornell does NOT announce tomorrow, their choice is Courtney, unless they select him and demand an instant answer, combined with the uncertainty of a possible MSM offer.

  2. icepack9:36 PM

    I just got a call from a friend who was Courtney's roommate at Bucknell - he said Bill has committed to the Cornell job. Guess he will not be interviewing at the Mount. Too bad.

  3. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Out of the short list, Burke seems to be the best fit and paid his dues. He also was on the short list the past few years at some good schools (Boston U., Princeton). Courtney will be announced at Cornell tomorrow.

  4. Anonymous12:50 AM

    Any news?