Friday, April 16, 2010

Knew the day was coming

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

I'm writing this about an hour after I heard that Milan Brown has accepted the head coaching position at Holy Cross. In the meantime, I've talked to a few folks about the change. And I can't say that anybody is overly surprised that Milan is in fact headed out of Emmitsburg.

First off, if Milan Brown thinks it is a good move for himself, and his family, good for him - and best of luck. I hope the move pays off for him and gives him what he wants out of his career.

I just jumped over to Crossports and read their message board. They don't seem to excited by the move. And I'm being nice. Let's wait and see what Holy Cross alum Bill Simmons has to say on But I don't think the Crusader fans have any idea what they are getting. Milan Brown is a great guy, who excites young men to play basketball for him and will represent Holy Cross well - just as he has at the Mount.

Still I'm a Mount fan, and I look at it as sort of a lateral move. At least as far as where the programs are. However, I think if you really examine the situation, you'll find that Holy Cross is a better place to build a program and therefore move onto a BCS type job. And I really think that is what Milan Brown wants. And I hope he gets there.

I'll keep you posted on anything I hear about the coaching staff - and who might be the replacement here. But the one thing I know right now, is that Mt. St. Mary's lost a great guy and a good coach. It's a happy day for Milan Brown, but a sad day for the Mount.


  1. Richard12:28 PM

    Who now Dunlap? Or is he taking him with him? Dunlap could continue the continuity of Tidewater guys as far as recruiting. Hey let's all go wake Phelan up and tell him Mike Rice called him a terrible coach and wants to challenge him to prove it.

  2. I think Dunlap is the leader at the moment...he has a lot of support...and there hasn't been a conversation I've had about this that his name hasn't come up.... Keeping the recruits in place might be a priority... I think the assistants will all have jobs in Boston if they want them....

  3. Richard2:57 PM

    I wonder how long the players knew about him leaving? I asked Shawn a few weeks ago during all the coaching vacancies if he thought Brown was coming back and he said yes. I am not completely surprised by him leaving either. However, I am surprised about him going North- bigtime. I do like his way of taking small steps to get up to the higher echelon of teams. While the Patriot League is not much of an advancement than the NEC, they do have big money up in New England and he will be in a good sized city-Worcester. One difference is that Brown will have to recruit more brainy-type players, due to the almost Ivy League standards of Patriot schools. I'd say that Brown may have to re-invent himself as far as players he recruits. Raff, do you know of any other candidates at all that Mount could be looking at?

  4. Richard4:08 PM

    I will also miss James Feldeine of Quinnipiac!!!! If not the Mount then go Bobcats!!!!! Rutty the beast!