Wednesday, April 07, 2010

New Season, Different Names, Same Orioles

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

I know that you can't read too much into one game. And I only saw bits and pieces at that. But the fact remains - the Orioles at least the manager is lacking confidence in a couple of his players. Most notably the guys who were brought in over the offseason.

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"Well, he's the closer," Trembley replied. "He's going to get the opportunity to save the games. If it's a save situation, he's going to pitch and I'm confident that he's going to give us 100 percent of what he has. He's an exciting guy. He's got a lot of energy. He loves to compete, and I think you'll see him turn it up."

At that point the skipper was talking about the bad spring Gonzalez has had. Wasn't a real ringing endorsement now was it. So was it really a surprise when Gonzalez blew the lead handed to him in the ninth last night. Eight innings of good work spoiled by the closer - and if you read between the lines on Monday - you could almost feel it coming. Watch carefully how the Orioles handle this. And you may want to grab Jim Johnson in a Fantasy League.

The other guy is Garrett Atkins. A lot of Oriole fans think Felix Pie has unseated Nolan Reimold in left. Could be. Pie played well last year - and had a scorching spring. Reimold is recovering from an achilles injury. Reimold has been taking a few grounders at first - and then has to be looked at. Because the Orioles don't believe in Garrett Atkins. Not hitting eighth in the order. Expect to see something change...Reimold plays there, Brandon Snyder is summoned, something and it may happen quickly if Atkins doesn't get going.

So 0-1. And a game that had a lot of promise. But the three homers were solo shots and the key hits with guys in scoring position never came. Again its one game - and there is a long season still ahead of us. That is what scares me.

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  1. Richard7:51 PM

    Oh geeze it's only the first game Raff. It'd be different if they got blown away by double figs. or something. What do you expect anyway when there is no salary cap in the sport of baseball. The teams with the most money can buy the best leaving those who do not want to spend handcuffed. It is similar to basketball. If a coach of a team has big moolah and influence they can do as they please- at least much more than some others can( MSM-RMU). It is a dayummmm shame.