Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tids and Bits

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

For those of you who haven't noticed....Mount O Links has a new home. Instead of showing up within the general posting on this has graduated to having its own page. So be sure to check out the stories that have interested me - and have some relevance to the Mount, the NEC, Syracuse or none of the above at the Mount O Links page of the Fan Blog. For example, this morning there is a story about the new AD at Central Connecticut.

Speaking of new hires. Not sure how serious Siena ever got with Cliff Warren. Or for that matter how serious Warren ever got with the Saints. The former Mount point guard has it good in Northern Florida - his Dolphins have made it two straight trips to the NIT - and eliminated Arizona State in the first round this year. Plus his wife is a Southern Girl from Texas. Not sure the New York Snowstorms would appeal. But it doesn't snow in Clemson does it? Warren is apparently one of five who has interviewed for the Tigers opening. And I don't think it matters how good you have it at Jacksonville, you can't turn down an ACC school can you?

Mike Rice turned down Tulane. No doubt about that. And that is good for the NEC. Rice is talking about establishing a Butler-type (it would have been Xavier or Gonzaga a year ago) in Pittsburgh. Sounds like the RMU administration is really behind it as well. Rice made some boastful comments about dominating the NEC since he arrived - and now having better players - and getting ready to bring in more. It surprised me that Rice stayed. I thought he was at the job simply to move on. But he's talking about growing roots. That is good for the Colonials and good for the NEC. But what happens if Clemson or Oregon calls? I don't have the answer for that one, but I think we all know.

The Orioles have played four one-run games in their first four this year. They've blown two ninth inning leads, and had an early lead in the third loss. There were a lot of boos on Opening Day at Camden Yards yesterday. How much more of that can Mike Gonzalez or maybe even Dave Trembley survive?

Teams that have looked good so far that might be pretty good...San Francisco, Minnesota, St. Louis and Tampa Bay. Teams that I think are sprinting through the first mile of the race, only to have nothing left at the end....Oakland, Toronto, Arizona. But isn't great to have baseball back?

I got an email from a reader and a friend this week....asking why the FanBlog had no story on Tiki Barber and his alleged girlfriend from Mt. St. Mary's. The answer was simple...we don't cover babysitting. Seriously though, the real answer was that it was the wrong Mount. The student/intern/babysitter/assistant in question was from Mt. St. Mary College in Newburgh NY. It's not the first time the two schools have been confused. Heck Gettysburg College played the Newburgh outfit the other year - so they could say they finally beat the Mount in basketball. And I'm sure it won't be the last. But rest assured had Tiki Barber been sneaking into - and we suppose out of dorm rooms in Emmitsburg - the Fan Blog would have been all over that.

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  1. Richard12:08 PM

    Hey Raff, I heard that for the following year we are going after 5-10 G Malcolm McMillan out of John Carroll in Bel Air and 6-4 swingman Jabril Trawick out of Philly. Is that true?

  2. icepack5:04 PM

    Richard (and anyone else interested)


  3. Richard12:44 AM

    Milan Brown better get busy on the recruiting. They say that it's possible RMU will have 7 new recruits coming in and they just got one out of the blue today. Lamount Samuell an SG who is very good, recruited by Seton Hall, Southern Miss, UCF. Hmmmmm how did they get him all of a sudden like that. Milan better get jumpin'.

  4. Richard12:17 AM

    Omg over there at RMU they are saying that Brown is going to be coach at Holy Cross. It is funny either way. So Raff buddy, is he?