Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Left Field

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

From where I'm sitting, I can see left field.

That is where Fred Hoiberg came from. The former Iowa State Cyclone was named head coach of its basketball program - straight out of the T-Wolves front office. Or also straight out of left field. I didn't follow the Cyclone search very closely....and it happened quickly....but in the group of names I saw thrown out there, never was Hoiberg considered a candidate.

So could it be that the next coach at Mt. St. Mary's will be someone that's name has never been mentioned here on The Fan Blog. It could be. Would that surprise me? Sure. Would it shock me? No. The four or five sources that I usually find information out from - are all asking me for information. Doesn't mean they don't have any. But it does mean that they don't think they have it all. The search process has been pretty tight-lipped. And there aren't a lot of media sources breaking down the walls to get information. There are a couple other internet sources that have named some names. For the most part, they correspond with the information I've been hearing. At times you hear a new name and you inquire - and you find out there is nothing to it - or at least nobody knows anything about it.

Free Shipping (Everything you need for the outdoors)I posted the link yesterday to the Chicago website that stated Martin Ingelsby interviewed. In addition, I've seen or heard from various sources that Pete Strickland has interviewed. The former Coastal Carolina coach, and Morgan Wooten assistant at Dematha is a current NC State assistant. He's a name that keeps popping up in discussions about the job....and with confirmation that he did interview - I would expect that he is a real candidate at this point.

So basically what I'm saying is....I'm trying pass along what I know. Trying to weed out the muck from what I hear. But that doesn't mean I've always done that. Have I perhaps included a name or two, that at one point expressed interest but never materialized - possible as well.

The word I got this morning is that the process is still ongoing. I don't think it has been narrowed down from those that have interviewed. I think the total number of interviews is likely to be between 5-10. But as teams hire possibilities and others remove their names or become less interested - that number and those that make it up, may be constantly changing.

Bottomline is, we may not know for sure - until the announcement is made. But there seems to be a small niche of people who want to have some information about the search. I'm trying to provide that.

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  1. Richard12:40 PM

    Thank you for your efforts Raff. This is driving me nuts.