Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Noon News

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

I'm at home over the lunch hour watching Ernests Gulbis dispose of Roger Federer in Rome. He's up a break 5-3 in the third. What I'm amazed the most about (other than the spelling of Ernests) is that the crowd is behind Federer trying to rally him. Huge favorites don't get that treatment in the NCAA Tournament.

So does the talk of Mike Brey being in trouble at Notre Dame have an effect on the Mount job. Martin Ingelsby is one of those that we know interviewed for the job - and is a Brey assistant. So since Brey might be dumped (forced to resign) because of an alleged extra-marital affair his recommendation might not be worth as much now. A situation to monitor - and maybe it is nothing more than some internet babble.


Federer just staved off a match point, but Gulbis will serve for the match after the break.

BG gives us good information that Dunlap's interview will take place tomorrow. It might very well be the final interview. That keeps things within the two week time period that Lynne Phelan Robinson outlined to begin with.

The sense I'm getting is that the most serious candidates right now are Dunlap, Kurt Kanaskie, Robert Burke, Chris Harney, Cliff Warren and maybe Chris Caputo. Anything outside of that would surprise - but not shock me - at this point.

The Baltimore Sun asked for the one move that you'd make as GM of the Orioles today if you could. It sounds like an easy question, but there are so many problems that its hard to fix just one. But I'd say they have to fire Dave Trembley. Because we know it is going to happen at some point - so why not sooner instead of later. There is rarely any intensity within the group, so something needs to be done to ignite that. Bringing up Brandon Snyder would be second on the list, but Rhyne Hughes has played well in two games, so finding at bats for both would be tough.

Roger Federer is showing why he is number one in the world - he just saved a handful of additional match points - six in all now to get things even at 5 in the third set. Something tells me Gulbis isn't going to survive this.


  1. I'm hearing a rumor (emphasis) that the final three candidates are:

    -Brion Dunlap, who interviews tomorrow

    -Martin Ingelsby, ND assistant

    -Chris Harney, St. Mary's College (Md.) (DIII) coach. Ironically, this is where coaches Robinson and Engelstad played. Robinson did not play for him but I believe Engelstad did.

    I don't know the validity of this rumor, but it would make sense to me. Also, Jamion Christian was recently ousted as a candidate - apparently. I'm rooting for Brion.

  2. Anonymous9:59 PM

    "The sense I'm getting is that the most serious candidates right now are Dunlap, Kurt Kanaskie, Robert Burke, Chris Harney, Cliff Warren and maybe Chris Caputo. Anything outside of that would surprise - but not shock me - at this point."

    Give it up ... you're group is so far out in leftfield, you're doing no one any good!!!!!

  3. Except for the fact that two of the three people I listed are on the list you quoted and the third is featured in this site's poll. I admire how brave you are in your proclamations, Anonymous.

  4. BG - I really think he was referring to me.

  5. Richard4:21 PM

    Raff, what do you think of that Gerick dude- he is something else isn't he? hahahahaha. Anyways it would be nice to party with Cliff in the new/old dorms again. Either that or ride in with him to the big city of Emmitsburg's Pizza Hut after the game- like old times.

  6. Anonymous4:55 PM

    "BG - I really think he was referring to me."

    Yes, I was referring to Raff's listing of potential candidates. I probably came off too abrasive and for that I apologize. I'll admit that I'm an old-timer who has a hard time comprehending this blog stuff. But, I do not think it is fair to throw names out there for the world to read if you're not sure of their status.

    I know for a fact that a few names on your list never applied for the job. What if, by chance, one of their players comes across your comments? Or one of their recruits? Or one of their school's alums? By suggesting to the world that they are "serious candidates," you're forcing them to answer questions they shouldn't have to answer.

    If someone's been seen on campus, that's fair. If you have a reliable source, that's a little more risky, and it's up to you to determine the level of that source. But, when you throw others' names out there, you need to understand you're doing more than just trying to quench the thirst of MSM fans. You're also throwing the names of those you mention into the drink.