Sunday, January 02, 2011

Mount at Virginia Tech Game Blog

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The Mount is back in action at ACC school Virginia Tech to start the 2011 portion of its schedule. The Mount has lost seven in a row and is coming off an overtime loss to Vermont.

The Hokies are 8-4 with four straight wins. Tech beat South Carolina Upstate 64-53 in its last outing.

The Mount has played well against better competition this year, seemingly raising its level to the level being played but it is a large underdog here. The Mount lost 62-57 in its last trip to Blacksburg back in 2009, in a game it led most of the way.

2:03PM - The Mount going to start three forwards today. Atupem, Thompson, Barber, and then Golladay and Trice on the perimeter. I expect that means we'll see a lot of zone. But we'll wait and see. Hope that helps on the glass, as the Mount has been victimized by offensive rebounding all year.

2:12 PM - 7-3 Virginia Tech early on. The Mount hasn't gotten a lot offensively and has missed the shots they have taken/forced. Even the three from Trice that amounts for the Mount's only points wasn't the best decision. The Mount has looked to get the ball to Barber in the post and that could be a positive, but thus far has not been able to convert from there. Tech has four or five turnovers to aid the Mount cause.

2:14PM - Jean Cajou has entered the lineup. Good to see the senior back on the floor.

2:19PM - 13-4 Tech and not a lot good going for the Mount. Tech just got a second chance bucket to extend the lead. The Hokies don't exactly look sharp but they hold a nine-point advantage.

2:24PM - Shawn Atupem scored on a rebound bucket for the Mount, but Tech is doing a good job of keeping the Mount away from the basket. It's a 17-6 Hokie lead, thanks to a 9-0 run.

2:31PM - Down 24-6 the Mount has called timeout. There isn't a lot to analyze at this point. The Mount is either missing shots or turning the ball over. It has been far from encouraging.

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  1. This was simply the worst Mount game I have ever seen in more than 35 years of watching. Totally disgusting.

    There are no consolations, though I see SFPA got creamed by NC and poor Milan (new coach of a supposedly talented team) is now 1-12 after losing to Sacred heart.

  2. You got that right Harry! Didnt I tell you guys they suck??? I am so happy I decided not to make the trip. And to think that I was having trouble deciding this morning. I am sick yet again so I wasted my money on the tickets. However, I would have wasted more to have driven all the way down 81 to watch that game. Burke better get it straightened out.

  3. Anonymous4:26 PM

    I keeping score. 3 wins + Niagara, PS, Vermont, QP = 7 good efforts. Dayton, Cincinnati and AU = fair. Other 5 games very poor.

    Chance of good effort next game 66%.

  4. Well, the NEC might still be more interesting than we thought. QU loses at home tonight, Mommouth beats Bryant by a few at MU and CCSU blows away UMass. Thursday will be interesting everywhere.

    Wish I didn't have the taste of Hokie still in my memory.

  5. Yes, Harry, I was mildly surprised at the Wagner win. It was a wonder Hurley won so early against millionaire Moore. I was only slightly surprised at CCSU beating UMass. CCSU has their machine running lately with big bad Horton and UMass, while very talented, is extremely underachieving and inconsistent. Bryant whipped Monmouth in the first half and Monmouth whipped them back harder in the 2nd. Each time an NEC team wins a quality non conference I feel sort of like 'slapped in the face' with the way the lowly Mounties are playing. I thought SFPA would be much better this season too but they actually seem worse. Should be a good game of two teams that will battle to get out of the bottom tier this Thursday. I am not all that excited to see RMU rough-house the Mount and win by 30 on Sunday though. Until I see different, i cannot think any different- sorry.

  6. correction: RMU Saturday.