Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pitt still dominating Cuse

Pitt has Syracuse's number - College Basketball News | FOX Sports on MSN
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  1. Well, I didn't get to see Richard but the game can best be summarized by saying the Mount outclassed SHU, Cajou got some meaningful time and a good cheer from the crowd when he first entered, and I got to meet Peter Rono.

    Seriously, for the first time I saw some of the things Burke has been trying to teach and it really makes the game easier. Still a few too many loose Trice shots and turnovers, but a real good win.

  2. ...and this is the Shawn (and Julian) I want to see.

  3. Good performance tonight. I thought we really played well defensively and had some good offensive stretches.

    My only complaint, Jean's playing time. He played a few more minutes than he has been, but I am growing increasingly frustrated with Jean's minutes.

    Those of us that have watched him the last 3 years know what kind of player he can be. But, it seems like he gets in for 1-2 minutes stretches at a time. How is anyone supposed to get into the flow of the game and excel under those circumstances? I feel bad for him. I understand why Burke wants to play the 3 freshman (Galloday included) and develop them for the future, but I find it hard to believe that they are better players than Jean at this point of their careers. He's been back with the team for a month, correct? The time to work him back in the rotation has passed. He should be playing started minutes.

    The one time Jean seemed like he might catch fire after he hit his only three, Trice had a chance to pass it to him in transition for a wide open 3, but decided to take a contested, difficult lay-up instead. Trice is playing well, but finding the hot hand and potentially jump-starting Jean's season should have been a point guards main goal in that situation.

    I know it sounds like I am complaining, but overall I was quite pleased with the performance tonight. It was nice to see Shawn display his offensive arsenal and the overall effort was the best I've seen this season. We're certainly in the thick of things in the NEC and as wide open as it seems, you never know what could happen in the tourney.