Sunday, January 09, 2011

Wrapping Up the Robert Morris Loss

Another game where the Mount just wasn't good enough. The whole close but no cigar scenario. Although one thing we can be certain about with Mike Rice and Milan Brown gone, the rivalry between the two lives on.

The Mount lost 51-48 for those of you who haven't read a recap. And it was another one of those ugly defensive battles these two teams. I did not think either team played very well. In fact, I kept looking up at the scoreboard thinking the Mount should be down more than they were. The Mount was playing catch up the whole way and just didn't have enough to get over the hump as Karon Abraham made four free throws in the final minute to preserve the three-point win.

During the first half the Mount turned the ball over 13 times and 22 for the game. The Mount shot 33 percent while Robert Morris was held to 34%.

I hate losing to the Colonials - and I'll be honest there wasn't a lot positive about the loss. Lamar Trice scored 19, but its hard to say he really played well in the win.

I did like the fact that Shawn Atupem scored in double figures and got ten shots away plus had five free throws. I still think he needs to get 15-18 offensive opportunities a game. But he's been almost non-existent lately partly because of his foul trouble and partly because he isn't rebounding well enough to stay off the bench.

Danny Thompson had 11 rebounds but hurt the team at the offensive end at times. Thompson continues to get minutes and continues to deserve them, but yesterday was a day where he just didn't provide a lot offensively. Although I am starting to think that shortening up the bench and letting Thompson, Atupem and Barber share all of those minutes is the way to go down the stretch.

Josh Castellanos again made two three-pointers. Seeing the freshman knock down some open jumpers lately has been encouraging, but he still needs to make better decisions when on the move, and develop a pull up jump shot instead of the floater he relies upon that is routinely unsuccessful.

Long Island and St. Francis NY are on the road this week. I'm starting to think the Blackbirds maybe the best team in the NEC. Wagner of course improved to 4-0 in the conference yesterday. Earning a split on the road would be a big boost for this team. But winning on the road is difficult and this won't be an easy trip for the Mounties.

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  1. Actually, I thought the Mount played half decent for once. It was finally a good game to watch. Contrary to Raff, as usually I am, I thought Trice was even slightly good. Other than the same errant ill advised shots he and others take. It was just your normal MSM-RMU game with a little less intensity and fan-dom. I believe we will split in NY and anything less will render me disappointed again. In the meantime, we are trying to make preparations to relocate to Valdosta, GA within the next few months, along with some grueling schoolwork and surgeries upcoming this term. Fortunately for you guys, I doubt that I am able to comment as much but I will try. Once we finally move to south GA, then sadly, I will not be able to go to all the Mount games, but I shall follow them. I'm not leaving yet, but probably before summer, if I can keep my meager finances in order. Have a good day!

  2. One thing that really bothers me about big bad Burke is that he really exudes a smug attitude. especially when I watch those interviews on the athletics site.

    Hey Burke- if you read this- please get a lot more wins before you go prancing around thinking you are so golden.

    I will support you, but not if you are going to act like you have a golden spoon in your mouth every time you make public statements.

    On another note- when are we ever going to have some greater noise and passion in the arena? Most times it seems that my gf is the loudest one in the whole building (seems to echo).
    You should have heard me at the RMU game- I was hollering madly at the drunken Abraham- telling him Bud Light was better than his generic vodka, especially when he was bobbing his head during shootaround. I booed hard and loud when they first entered too and did see some reaction out of them. I really tore into the crybaby Velton 'El Toro' Jones, and I got quite a few looks from him as well. I bet they wonder what kind of loony I am to sit behind the QU and Duquesne bench too as well as all the Mount ones and rip into them, up at the Sea-Wall Center the past few years. I downright hate RMU, and they must go down this year.

  3. hey Raff and other fans: I am worried about Norfleet. Has any of you seen his transgression? Please comment on what you have seen about Julian. I love the kid, I want him to 'resurrect'. If the cause is Burke, then I am going to find a way to communicate that to him. Does he have an email and is he open like Brown and the staff?

  4. I tell ya what, Raff, and, Mount Nation, soon we will get tired of hearing about the Hurleys, rather than RMU. I been sick of them since Mickey Mouse-eared Bobby played at Duke. Me, personally, I would rather hear about the Phelans! Granted the 'net' is more prominent now, but, good God, I get tired of seeing every article about 'Coach' Dan Hurley and his brother. Yes, Phelan has prestigious awards named after him, but it appears for some DAMN reason that Hurleys have more accolades than Jim currently. Let's turn our attention away from the downtrodden ways of RMU and turn it towards Wagna' and the Hurleys. After all, if y'all do not know- they are our 'Rival' during the fabled NEC rivalry week! I will be at the Spiro Center in Staten Island this year- anyone else coming? I'll take the Outerbridge Crossing straight up into that Mutha'! For, Wagner and the Hurleys are OUR rivals!!! Bring on Latif, Josh, Tyler, and thy ghost of Mike Deane. We have Jim Phelan on our sides, as well as true hard-azzed Mount fans like me. I will be directly behind Bobs bench.

  5. By the way, my gf says that it is a good thing that I am least crazy over something!

  6. Anonymous5:38 PM

    k's urban dictionary

    gf = gay friend