Friday, January 14, 2011

Wrapping up the Long Island Loss

Tough to really get a lot out of last night's loss. The Blackbirds of LIU downed the Mount 91-69 in NEC play.

The Mount shot very poorly in the first half while turning the ball over 13 times.

A couple of positives, I'll take from it.

  • Shawn Atupem had 16 points and had 15 offensive chances. He was 8-of-10 from the foul line and 4-of-10 from the floor. But I still think he has to be the offensive lift for this team down the stretch.
  • Obviously the staff is bringing Jean Cajou back slowly. But he was able to get in the game play 11 minutes and score 5 points. It's just good to see that for Cajou. And ultimately if Jean is able to get back to the playing level we've come to expect in the past it will help down the stretch.
  • Jacolby Wells had 7 points in 12 minutes of play. The sophomore continues to show that at times he can utilize his athleticism to his benefit.

Saturday's game is at St. Francis. The Terriers handled league leading Wagner with relative ease. We'll see how these two performances carry over. I expect a good hard fought game down to the wire on Saturday.

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  1. The turnovers are atrocious. Mount is giving the games away.

    I am ready to see the "limit the giveaway" five on the floor. Start with Jean and Julian, add Josh if you must have a third guard, Shawn and Raven.

    I agree if we have any chance of a .500 league record, Shawn and Jean; nothing else reaches that level.

  2. Wow, Harry, there is hope for you after all, lol. It is about time you started seeing this horrible trend by the Mount. Damn, I thought the Mount was playing a BCS school last night, the way the score read. They are definitely giving games away. Maybe it is more like, they are giving up on the coach instead. Maybe he will find another job somewhere and resign. I doubt it though. I thought we had a good chance of a split up in NY. Ha Ha, now I believe we have a chance to lose by less than 20 to sometimes lowly SFNY.

    On another front, I am extremely pissed that Burke played Jean for the away games since he has been back, and not once in a home game. What the heck is up with that? He couldn't even put him in against our rival RMU at home. Many in the crowd at the Mount were disappointed, and now that they go on the road and only then play him, well, it adds fuel to the fire, in many of our fans minds. He really has come in and done things so unorthodox. if he does not offer some players a huge check sometime, there will be some deflections to another school. You heard it from me first. I have just about had enough of this new, arrogant style exhibited by a Mount b-ball coach. Yes, Milan was rather conceited too, but I believe he showed some humbleness that he knew he was playing under the mighty JP's shadows.

    Conclusively, I believe Lynne P and that red-faced Powell made a big mistake in their selection. It has not as much to do with losses and blowouts either. It is his attitude and lack of motivation toward the players that I am most abhorred by. The 'ship' of Mount basketball has already sunk, at least just offshore. Unfortunately, the 'ship' is now headed for Marianas Trench it appears. I am starting to feel ashamed of them lately.

  3. Richard, there may be hope for all of us, but I can't understand your viewpoint on Burke. I spoke with him and two of the assistant coaches, found them to be bright, nice, good basketball minds and genuinely interested in the kids and winning. We all know it comes down to lucky recruitment at the Mount's level.

    As examples, Carter in the Philly playground, Whitaker's dentist, and the recruiting trip for Harris. I could go on.

    Good players make coaches look great. Burke looks real good to me, given the level of talent in healthy players he had this season.

    So, describe if you will what you base your remarks on - specifically the "arrogant style" and "lack of motivation toward the players". I just don't get it, meaning I don't know how you know these things or why you would say them.

    As to Powell, you would have a hard time finding a more caring person, "red faced" or not. What is your specific knowledge? Why criticize him?

  4. Well, I guess each peron's opinion depends on their experience or exposure to whomever. I just am going by what I see with my own two eyes. I suppose it also depends on each person's own values and personality as well in order to assess how they feel about someone else. From most of your comments, Burke would probably look great to you even if we were winless. I think a lot of it depends on the aforementioned, just like I said. I know that a good number of players do have problems with him, and that is all I shall say about that- if you are looking for specifics. Also, for each person that believes Powell is so 'caring', there seems to be another person that is opposite. It all just depends I suppose, but, considering that there is 'strife' occurring regarding Burke and/or Powell, tells you something ain't right. Yeah, you can't please everyone, but it should not be that abnormal.

  5. Any 'togetherness' that the team could exhibit, will most likely come from within the team and player to player. There is too much separation between Burke and his players- the 'right' players anyway. Heck, Trice would latch on to anyone. The baby that he seems to be.

    You let me get to you, way too much Harry. calm your hormones sir, geeze.

  6. Richard, we are indeed all entitled to our observations and feelings. I applaud your hormones, emotions and outspokenness.

    Unless you can back up your assertions, I will continue to believe they are in fact just your intuitive feelings, that's why I would like you to consider that most folks who write personal and potentially destructive comments (as you do about Burke and Powell) have some other basis for so doing.

    There seems to be no responsibility attached to your actions.

  7. Harry, I could back it up, but I do not want to see anyone else get reprimanded for using their democracy either. It is not simply just me that believes what I do- there are players and those associated with them and even others who spend money on the Mount to make them feel 'privileged' who feel the same. As far as those who think they are so privileged just because they put money in the kitty- well, that just shows you the real reason that they do it, they just want to feel like they are important, not because they are hardcore fans (most of them anyway, for nothing is ever 'all' or absolute).

    Furthermore, um, hey Harry, just a few weeks ago, you were lamenting hard on the Va Tech game about how poor they were! So, I guess, all it takes is a measly win and now all of a sudden you are proud again? I am not accusing you of anything, but, fairweather fans are a joke, and I see right through them.

    Don't worry, in good time soon enough, you won't be hearing much out of me anyway. taking trip to Valdosta directly after the game Saturday night, will be back on Thursday for one last go around in this overly-greedy region full of so many 'fake' people again. Do not take last statement the wrong way either. As far as responsibility, if I had Burke's email, I would definitely let him know how I feel. I did the old staff.