Thursday, January 06, 2011

Where do we go from....


Well I guess there is only one way to go. Because it can't possibly get worse. But that is what I thought when I turned it off down 26-8 having seen enough. But somehow by halftime is was 48-11. The whole display at Blacksburg was a disgrace and one that has been building.


Straight back to the gym I hope. I will never forget the night my brother lost a high school championship game. (Ok it was a screwy 2nd half championship) and they were the first half champions, so they got to play again the same team again the next night. But the part I will never forget is my father berating my brother for losing the game and then going out afterwards instead of coming home to get to bed since they had a game a game the next day. And it was true, he didn't come home until about 2 hours after the bus should have arrived back at the high school. But his coach, my coach, was so livid with the performance that he got them off the bus and ran them through an hour and a half practice right there and then in the gym. They won the next night.

3-12 before the conference home opener?

Don't laugh but we could wake up tomorrow and the Mount could be in first place. They play St. Francis PA tonight, and I think the Mount is the favorite. Not saying much for Don Friday's bunch to be the underdog to a team coming off a 65-point shellacking. But the Flash is 2-11 and hasn't won since November. The Mount did win in December - although it feels like it was December 2001. And if three other teams cooperate - and I'd only call one of those an upset Sacred Heart over Fairleigh Dickinson and there could be a lot of 2-1 teams tomorrow.

4-40 from the field other than Lamar Trice's 5-13 three-point effort?

I guess that means we go to Trice and a lot more. But actually I hope not. I hope the Mount gets some buckets off some cuts to the baskets. And I hope it re-establishes Shawn Atupem, Raven Barber and Danny Thompson down low. For me those three guys are the key to the conference season. But the offense has appeared stagnant of late, even the near win in Burlington was called sloppy by the Vermont p-b-p-ers, so we'll have to wait and see. Truthfully, I had nightmares that the offense might just be this bad, but the way it started seemed so promising. Somebody needs to play with some confidence and bring that promise back.

3 wins and 4 losses?

Remember when the Mount record was that close to .500. All that and a late lead at Quinnipiac. But it has certainly soured since then. And even the return of Jean Cajou and the potential return of Kristian Krajina don't have me thinking this team can win more than 10 games. A bid in the NEC tournament would be taken right now.

Lot B?

Find your seat at the ARCC tonight, I'm sure there will be plenty available. If you can't make it I'll try to twitter throughout. But that doesn't always work out so well. Sit back and try to enjoy the game. Forget about the negatives that have affected this team the last month and a half.

The FanBlog?

Just remember as somebody coldly scoffed to me yesterday, "we're better than Holy Cross". That we are. Or at least the records say we are. The Crusaders are 1-13 following the overtime defeat to Yale last evening. And the natives at are starting to get a bit restless. Throwing out Milan's record in close games (less than 3 points) at 3-17 over the past four seasons. Ahh, misery loves company, doesn't it?

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