Monday, January 17, 2011

Wrapping up the St. Francis NY win

A real nice win for the Mount on Saturday afternoon in Brooklyn. St. Francis was coming off a win against Wagner and it was much needed. I didn't see the game, so my comments are limited to what I've read and to my beliefs going forward.
  • Lamar Trice once again led the attack with 22 points. The junior guard still had six turnovers. But he continues to be the leading scorer and I guess it is time to give him a little bit of a break on the turnovers. I always thought that the leash around his predecessor Jeremy Goode was too tight and that he always had in best games in free-flowing games. Unfortunately, turnovers would spike in those types of games. But so would his level of play. Maybe Trice is the same type of player - and if he is going to give us the good, we've got to accept the bad to some extent. Still, I'd like to see the six be more like a three or a four.
  • The Mount got 35 more points from the inside trio of Danny Thompson (16), Raven Barber (11) and Shawn Atupem (8). The three combined to shoot 14-of-17 from the floor. 
  • Also equally important was the fact that the Mount allowed only 7 offensive rebounds on 39 missed shots from St. Francis. The 18% rate is well below the season level.
  • The Mount never trailed in the game and built a lead as large as 16 in the first half and 17 in the second.
  • This week's Thursday night contest with Sacred Heart will be incredibly important. The Mount is among four NEC teams tied at 3-3 in fifth place, for the final playoff spots. The Pioneers are also in that group.
  • I've always felt like their is a conspiracy in the NEC and that the Mount's schedule is always tougher. For example, they haven't played those two December games at home since the leagues started scheduling it that way in 2009.
  • Also factor in that the four teams the Mount plays once in NEC competition this year are a combined 23-45 thus far this season (.338) and 9-15 in the league. The teams the Mount plays twice are a combined 60-58 (.508) and 24-18 in the league. I don't know exactly what it means. I've called Oliver Stone. But it is interesting.
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  1. It is not just turnovers. It is his child like decisions. There are many impediments to a 'team-concept' when he is in the game. He needs to take meds for hyperactivity or at least grow up a bit..

  2. Tony Little once brought that scheduling conspiracy thing to my attention as well. Of course there are tendencies to be more favorable to the bigger money schools. You live in America, the East and Mid-Atlantic region for that matter, what do you expect? While it is widespread throughout America, certain regions have certain demographic, values, and attitudes that make society just slightly more even. Not around the aforementioned regions thoughs, it is quite the opposite from being fair and equal.

  3. Does the NEC not have a scheduling formula?

  4. Bryant not eligible for tournament.

  5. John, I would like to discover if they have a scheduling formula as well. I wonder who we could contact to find out?

    Hey Raff!! Are you aware of any teams on the schedule next year?? maybe your predictions as well? Or does Burke keep that tightly wrapped too. from what I know, he runs the whole away game scenarios, hotels, activities, everything. While structure and discipline is good, not all that are involved in team travel are all that happy about it.