Friday, April 02, 2010

Cajou named mid-major Defensive All-American

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

Jean Cajou was named a mid-major Defensive All American by Cajou was bypassed for the NEC award as top defensive player of the year. But is the only NEC player on this list. Cajou is a great denial defender - and this is a deserved honor. I didn't have a vote for the NEC award - or this one for that matter - but its hard to imagine anyone getting after (and doing a better job) anymore than Jean does. Sometimes when you follow a team you tend to take things for granted. But watching Jean defend is a joy on all occasions.

Following up a little on the bit about Brown and Siena from last night. I found a few other sites mentioning Brown's name, including a Siena fan message board. The consensus seemed to be among the Siena fans that Brown wasn't good enough for that program. I think he fits right in with the other guys they are mentioning. There was some concern that his defensive-minded style wouldn't be as attractive as what McCafferty brought. And there was even one opinion that said something to the effect of "Didn't Mt almost beat Siena last year. Another example how opinions are formed by one game."

I did find it interesting that none of the stories mentioned Mike Rice's name. I think he needs a jump to this level before going to the BCS conference level. However, I think he might be in consideration at BC. That makes some sense - and the New Englanders are certainly familiar. Robert Morris won at BC - a few years ago - and the Colonials near miss in the NCAA came in Providence. That wouldn't shock me.

But back to the Siena thing. Remember last summer when the Mount and Siena series was announced. All the Saints fans said that they shouldn't have to come to the Mount. That they should be able to get a better team to come to Albany to play them....etc, etc. They don't have a lot of respect for the Mount program, and no matter who is coaching them, I'd like to send them back North with a loss after they visit the ARCC over Thanksgiving.

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  1. kent brockman10:01 AM

    mike rice is going to be the next it coach mid majors dont want him because they know he is abcs coach in waiting and why hire soemonme for a couple of years...RIce has the connections up and down teh coast from his hoop group days..He beat kevin willairds team twice in 2 years nd got the shaft at seton hal lbecause of usual politics..hopefully wil be BC gain

  2. Richard5:50 AM

    Yes Jean is a good defensive player.....when he wants to be. I have taken notice that if Jean is not making shots then his defense is not as good. it all depends on if he is scoring, when that happens, he is the best defender in the league. Oh well, perhaps he score in bunches since Goode is gone, he may not have as much jealousy. Sorry to be negative but what 'is', is, what 'is'. I sure hope Rice goes to BC. Tony Lee is from Boston, maybe Rice could hire Lee as an assistant. Tony Lee was overrated as a player.