Thursday, April 29, 2010

Moore to stay at Quinnipiac - but for how long?

Written for your enjoyment by: Ray Curren

OK, trying to read between the lines of Tom Moore's new 5-year extension at Quinnipiac from here in the CT.

First, depending on who you talk to, Moore did look and was asked to interview for a couple of the openings, but couldn't get an offer he wanted to listen to.

He still lives near the Storrs (UConn) campus and reportedly doesn't want to uproot his family unless he gets a really quality offer (see: A-10 level or something else close to a BCS-type school).

Moore also has some unfinished business at Quinnipiac, as in trying to get the school into the NCAA Tournament for the first time.

Does he stay in the NEC for all five years? I think next year will be the key. If he has success and gets to the NCAA Tournament, he may be gone. If he doesn't, or if two years go by without a tournament appearance, he may not get an offer he wants. He doesn't seem desperate. Remember, he's doing OK for himself and the contract extension at least makes him one of the top two paid coaches in the NEC.

Quinnipiac's athletic program (despite being nationally ranked in hockey) has put a lot into their men's basketball program, as they try to outspend their NEC rivals on the way to the top of the class.

Right now, they need Moore and Moore needs them. We'll see if that changes.

(Side note: An interesting quote in there about the expansion of the NCAA Tournament and whether that will mean an automatic play-in game for a conference like the NEC).


  1. I'm opposed to automatic play-ins - as far as pre-determined situations are concerned.

    I remember the NCAA did that for a year or two at one point - and it got no publicity or recognition.

    I do think you can safely assume that the play ins will be 15v16 in the current alignment, (but pushed back to 16v17) which essentially is an automatic for the NEC to that round.

    I looked back, the Mount would have played Arkansas State in its first tourney appearance - and Murray State the second time around.

  2. Anonymous2:22 PM

    personally I think if you win your conference you should not have to "play in" to get into the tournament. The play-ins should be the teams that got in that are on the bubble. It is ashame that they would punish conferences like the NEC just so they can get more big schools into the tournament.

  3. Not going to disagree with that. I've always been against the PIG - from that standpoint.

    But I'm just looking at the reality of it. And I think this is what is going to happen.

    On the other side of it....the win over Coppin State in the NCAA Tournament - was one of the best moments the Mount has had at the Division I level.

  4. Anonymous2:56 PM

    True that the win over Coppin State was probably one of the best moments for the Mount (along with beating Georgia Tech), but with the addition of more "play-in" games that moment will not be as special anymore. The Mount (and Coppin State) had national attention that night because it was the only game going on, but with the addition of three more games we will not get the media coverage like that anymore because it would be 1 of 4 games instead of THE GAME.

  5. Richard7:18 PM

    So does anyone know what the heck this recruiting surprise is? RMU fans are laughing at MSM saying that the program is in big turmoil because they haven't announced a coach yet. I can't stand those a-holes up there, just like Steeler fans.

  6. icepack7:41 PM

    Richard - the new coach will be announced soon. I am guessing the 'surprise' would have to be a couple of players the new coach will be bringing with him, but that only happens if one or more of the current players leave or if one of the signed recruits wants to decommit, as commonly happens when the recruiting coach leaves.

  7. Ray Curren10:49 PM

    I think the argument against NEC teams playing on that first Tuesday is that they wouldn't draw any TV ratings, and games between eight "bubble" teams would do much more for the networks, and give the little conferences an automatic into the last 64.