Sunday, December 18, 2005

Weekend observations on a Sunday Night

So Reggie Bush is leaving USC. I am the only one who expects Pete Carroll to follow. I don't think he'll stick around to see if he can rebuild/reload in LA. Instead, he'll take an NFL job, fail miserably (again) and then return to the college game in five or six years.

Told you I wasn't convinced about Louisville.

But still how about January 5 in terms of basketball matchups? The night after USC/Texas for the title. You get Illinois/Michigan State and Villanova/Louisville. Not a bad way to endure bowl withdrawal.

Was pleased with the Orange's win over Davidson today. And look GMac got hot, just in time for his homecoming game with Towson. My concern is, he was so hot and they still only beat Davidson by 8 or whatever it ended up.

You didn't really think the Colts would go undefeated did you? At 17-16, shaking off the 16-0 deficit, I certainly did.

Paul Westphal looks extremely old on the Pepperdine sideline. He also seemed one of the more dapper coaches in the NBA. But I thought he looked old on the late FSN feed last night.

Actually watched most of it this morning. TIVO is absolutely phenomenal.

What was your shocking moment in the NFL this weekend? Mine was the the throttling the Skins laid on the Cowboys. The Boys have a must win in Carolina next weekend. Uh-Oh.

Met up with 3 college friends this weekend. 10 years since graduation. We used to sit around and watch NBA games together. Now nobody cares.

I wanted Nomar to end up in Baltimore. The fact that he is not a Yankee makes it pretty much ok.

Something tells me Notre Dame didn't really talk to Hawkins last year when they had their coaching vacancy. Or at least they didn't offer him. When it was rumored the Domers were knocking last year, he was busy re-upping with Boise State. But when Colorado, in the midst of as big of inner turmoil as a program gets into, shows up with an offer, he bolts. Pretty much a given that Notre Dame didn't offer.

San Juan Shootout starts tomorrow and the Mount is there. The Mounties have been horrible thus far, and maybe three games in three days will give them some momentum. Kiel Butler returns after his academic difficulties and could provide some offensive spark. If he's allowed. Akron is a tough opener for the NEC conference squad, but winnable. Still even with a loss bouncing back for two wins after that would be possible and a good accomplishment. Somehow I doubt it happens.

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