Thursday, December 22, 2005

Lunchtime Litterings

First off, we want to offer our deepest condolences to Tony Dungy and his family. Dungy's 18-year old son, James died early this morning in his apartment in Tampa. Anyone who has experienced the horror of losing a child knows what Dungy is experiencing right now. The rest of us can only imagine. Personally, I wish God's strength upon Dungy and his family right now.

I'm keeping Duke number one right now. Illinois is as close as you get in second, but for now I'm staying with the Devils.

Niner is back in Baltimore. It isn't the type of deal that is going to make most Oriole fans stand up and cheer. But it is a positive move and one that if everything else would have gone right, would be applauded louder now.

Kenny Rosenthal is reporting the Cubs are offering a blockbuster package for Miguel Tejada that includes Mark Prior. I've been saying for days that Tejada isn't going anywhere. But this has me thinking. And thinking for the better. Prior, Patterson and Ronny Cedeno for Tejada. That fills some needs for the Orioles. But doesn't seem to be what they are talking about. Instead, the Cubs want a replacement for Prior if they deal him and are insisting on Eric Bedard. But the Orioles can't afford to give up pitching. They need it in return. I think the Orioles might part with a Bedard if they got a ML pitcher and a prospect in return, ie Prior and Felix Pie. But the Cubs seem unlikely to go that route. That means this deal probably stalls.

Can't believe the Canadian National Team included Todd Bertuzzi on its Olympic Team.

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