Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Almost Lunch time

You've heard me say how good the CAA is. And you maybe questioning that after the league sort of laid an egg last week. Old Dominion off their pounding of DePaul lost a pair. One an overtime loss at Richmond and at UAB. And Northeastern lost by 20+ at Providence. The Northeastern loss was strange. They allowed the Friars 31 straight points at one point. An 8-0 run to close the first half, and a 23-0 run at the start of the second. Makes it tough to win.

I know I'm getting old. Seems like everybody who I remember playing sports as a kid has a son playing somewhere now. But I had this discussion with a friend the other day and they said I was exaggerating. So everytime I think of someone, I'm putting them in here. How bout Joakim Noah, son of Yannick Noah to start, and while were with the Gators, they also have the sons of Sidney Green and Tito Horford on their undefeated squad.

Northwestern State started five freshmen four years ago. Now as seniors they are making a difference. Playing pretty well, a couple of nice upsets. And they probably should have gotten another one in Hawaii. But Iowa State was credited for two points when they made only one, in a double overtime win. Anyhow it seems like sticking with that group has paid off for NW State. I remember another team that started all first year players four years ago. None of them start anymore. And they are 2-8. Coincidence? You decide.

I may tend to overate the undefeated teams at this time of the year. I think Clemson and Pittsburgh are both worthy of top ten rankings. But I don't understand the argument that because they haven't played anyone makes them no good. And as bad as Pitt's schedule has been, you've got to remember that they play South Carolina and Wisconsin this week. That's a total of 4 BCS non-conference games, plus a team in the Final 32 last year in Vermont. That is respectable enough. I can't believe I'm defending the Panthers. It goes against my being.

Speaking of the Panthers schedule. Coppin State was on it recently. And that bothers me. Bothers me because Eagle head coach Fang Mitchell is taking a cut of some of Coppin's guaranteed money from their ridiculous schedule. A couple of big money and big name games are commonplace for a small D-I school. They need them to make athletic budgets in most cases. But Coppin's is murderous, games at Clemson, UCLA, Xavier, Illinois, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma, Michigan and Michigan State. Again those are money games. But Fang getting a cut just doesn't seem right.

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