Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Bedtime Blatherings

Not much to talk about tonight.

Clemson did win in San Juan. Not exactly sure what that means, other than they are 11-0. We'll find out more about them later.

The Mount had another bad loss. Bad in the way it went down. An overtime loss to Chattanooga isn't a terrible thing for an NEC school. But blowing a 14-point lead with 13 left and five with 1:40 left is unacceptable. I said going in, winning two on the island would be a major stepping stone. Just missed.

I might have to go find the end of the Fiesta Bowl Classic somewhere. Western Kentucky is keeping it close with Arizona. The Cats just aren't the Cats yet.

You had to be thrilled with the Steve Finley for Edgardo Alfonzo trade. Blockbuster. I remember when Finley was traded for Glenn Davis. Davis smacked a double off the wall in that old corner at Memorial Stadium on opening day. Then I had to goto Hagerstown just to say I saw him play after that. Oh yeah, the Orioles also included Curt Schilling and Pete Harnisch in that trade. No wonder they won't deal young pitching.

Online poker can be a lot of fun. But just because you get good online. You have to remember a lot of the guys you play against are pretty bad. And the other half are busy typing their blog.

Got my Christmas shopping done tonight. Thanks to those of you who reminded me. My daughter was so cute buying stuff for her mom. That makes the season.

And the Mount loss a whole lot easier.

And the Orioles doing nothing a whole lot better.

That was really Carson Palmer's brother quarterbacking for UTEP tonight.

Check back with me on who I want to make #1. Illinois was surely more impressive tonight. But maybe after a night's sleep I'll stay with Duke.

Somebody cheer for Princeton tonight. They scored 34 points. Speaking of that game. Does anybody else think Stanford might still be around when it matters.

My Orange rolled again. A good RPI building win over UIC. Nice to see Terrence Roberts have a big night. Actually it would just be nice to see the Orange. This December schedule although good for the RPI isn't good for the Alums who count on the Orange to be on TV. GMAC is a great player. 18 points 12 assists. But again he shot poorly, that can't happen against good opposition. Darryl Watkins had 7 of a team 16 blocks. That number set a new school record.

All that and I watched Dawna win Martha Stewart's Apprentice. The beauty of TIVO. I have KK right now (Lunky Doodle doesn't know what he's in for)

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