Wednesday, December 14, 2005

21 points for Princeton - Are you kidding me?

Granted the Tigers have never had a run and gun offense, but on Wednesday night they took slowdown to the extreme. Princeton scored just 21 points in an embarrassing 41-21 home loss to Monmouth.

I've been shocked by the number of teams scoring single digits in a half this year. Its happened five or six times that I can remember. So I was interested to see what low level Princeton sunk to. Well the facts beared out that the Tigers hit double digits in each half. Almost an impossibility for a team that managed only 21 points. Still the Tigers managed to score 11 in the first half when they fell behind 21-11 and managed but 10 in the second half.

Woeful shooting keeps you from scoring. And the Princeton offense, which relies too much on the outside jumper, is going to have bad nights when you don't shoot well. Because the key to a slow scoring night for any scorer has always been get to the free throw line. If you're struggling shooting the ball, get in a rhythm at the line. Well, Princeton shot 2 free throws, making only one.

On the night, the Tigers shot 22%, including an atrocious 2-20 from behind the arc. However, the real crime was that 20 of their 41 shots were from behind that line.

The box score is ugly enough.

Thankfully, I wasn't at Jadwin Gym.

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