Monday, December 12, 2005

Stay or Go?

That is the question.

And right now it seems that the Orioles will hold onto Miguel Tejada. I'm sure that was their preference the whole time. In fact, I wouldn't be the least bit shocked, if Tejada's apparent demands, shocked the Warehouse FO when the first heard them after arriving home from Dallas.

Miggy is the foundation of this team. And there is no doubt that the offseason has been slow. Only SD C Ramon Hernandez has arrived. This on the heels of owner Peter Angelos promising a busy offseason. Well it hasn't materialized.

The Orioles are in a funny spot. One that shows them with enough potential that they were baseball's best team for two months last year. But also one with enough holes, that they might have been its worst for the other six. So now what to do? Especially when it seems the fruits of the farm rebuilding project are about to be reaped. But also when you've told your fanbase that you are ready to compete. And now your star has said he wants to compete or leave town?

Well it means compete. Plain and simple.

Do what it takes to get there. Even if it means tossing away one or two of the top prospects that you know might help you in two or three seasons.

Your star wants it now.

Your fans want it now.

You must make the moves.


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