Friday, December 30, 2005

Bowls and Hoops

I've gotta admit, this bowl season is taking me away from college hoops. Through the genius of Tivo, I'm watching more and more of the bowl season then ever.

An underdog hadn't won a bowl game until Nebraska did the other night. You figured that might open the floodgates and sure enough Utah and Oklahoma came through with upset wins last night.

Obviously, USC is pretty confident in their abilities. But you have to think that the way the Big 12 is playing early in the bowl season, and the way the PAC 10 has sort of struggled is making them think Texas might just be pretty darn good. I've always felt the Horns were the better team that was more battle tested. They are still my pick.

I've flipflopped back and made Illinois my #1 team. Its Illinois, Duke, Washington, Florida, and UCLA. That's right the Bruins jump into my Top 5. I've always been a Ben Howland fan, and he's got them rolling. I can't wait to see them matchup with Washington later this year.

There isn't a lot on the agenda for college hoops today. Friday is usually a pretty dead day. And this is probably the last Friday with anything resembling a full schedule. There are some ranked teams in action, but the only two that play each other are NC State and George Washington. I think the Pack wins at home.

An interesting matchup with West Virginia hosting Canisius. John Beilein used to be the head coach for the Griffs. Nice to see them get that opportunity.

And a pretty nifty mid-major matchup as Wisconsin-Milwaukee travels to Montana. We have the Grizz all the way upto #24 in my rankings. But I wouldn't be shocked to see the Panthers win here.

And if you want an upset for the bout George Mason at Mississippi State? I think that fits.

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