Thursday, December 08, 2005

College Hoops - Who is the best team?

Duke and Texas play this weekend. And they might actually be the best two teams.

But right now its hard to argue with the way Illinois has played. The Illini are unbeaten and have a road win over UNC. In addition, the Illini have wins over Rutgers and Xavier, as well as handing Wichita State its only loss. Dee Brown was expected to carry the team, but its been James Augustine who has really stepped up. The 6-10 senior has averaged nearly 16 points a game in the Illini's first 8 wins.

Illinois takes on Big East foe Georgetown tonight, before traveling to Oregon this weekend. A pair of victories gets them to double digits on the season and further solidifies my contention that they've accomplished the most of anyone right now.

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