Monday, December 26, 2005

Holiday Return

Took a few days off as there wasn't much going on. At least that is what the Orioles thought. Meanwhile, another potential trade target got dealt. Troy Glaus moved to Toronto. And Kevin Millwood, not a front office target, but a fan target, signed with Texas.

Credit me with bonehead fan move. I turned the Hawaii Bowl off when Nevada scored to go up two scores with three minutes left. UCF came all the way back, forced OT. But then that missed extra point ended it in OT. Tough one for them. The announced attendance was like 26000. But it couldn't have been that many. Isn't this why the Aloha and Oahu Bowl's folded the other year? They became the San Francisco and Seattle Bowls. But then the Seattle Bowl moved back to Hawaii, I think. Seems like maybe there are too many games.

Speaking of turning the TV off too soon, is that what Tommy West did in Detroit today? Water shower and all, the Tigers were lucky they recovered Akron's second onside kick. The first guy dropped it, only to have the next tight end dive on top. They then proceeded to run out the clock with Memphis all-time leading rusher Deangelo Williams on the bench with the Tigers needing a first down and the Roo still had all their Time Outs left. Then Memphis fumbled a snap and Akron recovered, but Akron was ruled offsides. All this and it was 38-17 with 1:47 left. Even that blonde next to West was getting worried.

Monday Night Football went out with a bang tonight. Anybody else starting to think the Patriots might just make a run through the AFC playoffs.

Anyone else care if Bill Parcells retires again? I mean just get out and stay out. You can even do TV if you like, but I'm sick of hearing about whether he will coach, its the same whether he is coaching or not.

I like Clemson and Arizona State tomorrow. Not too surprising. Colorado could be scary in Orlando, but it just seems too much bad has happened down the stretch, and the Tigers were playing pretty well.

Pretty crazy that Arizona State and Rutgers are playing again. I mean the Knights only ever played in one bowl, the Garden State Bowl back in like 1978. The opponent ASU. This time the Sun Devils host the game in their home state. Crazy.

Gonzaga vs. Memphis in hoops tomorrow night if you've had enough of Capital One Bowl Week. Another chance to see Morrison, and another opportunity to try to guage just how good Memphis is. I'm starting to believe.

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