Thursday, December 08, 2005


See, I go and say that things are sort of looking up in Baltimore and.....BAM! The next headline I read is "Miggy wants Out". Well that wasn't actually the headline. But that is what he said.

You had to figure that after Rafael Furcal signed with the Dodgers for more money per season than the former MVP he might have a grievance. But you didn't really think this would happen.

Despite the fact that the Orioles stink, watching Tejada makes every game exciting. Now he wants out of Baltimore. Seriously though even if the Orioles were willing to part with their best player, where could he possibly land. Those that have the $$ to pay the remainder of his six-year deal are pretty well set at the SS position. Aren't they?

Of course the Red Sox did ship their SS to Atlanta today. Maybe the Sox would be interested in a Ramirez and Clement for Tejada deal? Would that make any sense for the Orioles? I don't really think so.

The best thing for the Orioles is to somehow make Miggy happy again. That probably means trading one of their young pitchers for more protection in the lineup. Or maybe it means trading for a big-time pitcher. Are there any available?

Anyway, Miggy is not happy because the Orioles are not reacting to this market. Its tough to blame him. When he arrived two offseasons ago, along with Lopez and Palmeiro, it seemed the Orioles were on the verge of being competive again. But two years later it seems they are in more of a holding pattern than ever.

The future looks promising as young pitchers like Penn and Loewen and position players like Majewski, Fiorentino and Markakis are close. But apparently Tejada has gotten tired of waiting.

And who can blame him?

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