Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bedtime Ramblings from a night in sports

The New Orleans Bowl plays on in Lafayette and it could be an exciting final ten minutes. I'm sure somewhere someone is watching. I have the USM or is it SMU, definitely USM for 28 points in a confidence pool. They lead 24-19. That could put a damper on my hopes if they don't hold on.

Big News out of New York. The Yanks have signed Damon. Raise your left hand if you didn't know this was going to happen. The good news. It only makes it more satisfying when they don't win.

Good game in the Mid-Atlantic tonight. Richmond beat Old Dominion in overtime. Monarchs never led all night, in fact came back from an early 19-point deficit to force the extra session. Then scored first four points of overtime, but lost from there.

Speaking of overtimes....Lasalle played another one. After Sunday's 4 OT win, the Explorers needed only one tonight to down Florida International. Oh and Northern Illinois beat K State in an extra session. Both of those teams have started extremely well.

I finally decided that Duke deserves to be #1. But if Illinois beats Missouri tomorrow night, as I suspect they will the Illini may move back to the top. Or what about Clemson. The Tigers can move to 11-0 with a win over Akron in the San Juan Shootout tomorrow. Biggest problem for the Tigers is they only have two decent wins, Penn State and South Carolina if they count. But if they win tomorrow 11-0 and go .500 in the ACC, you have to figure they dance in March.

Would have been a good story if the Doctor, Tom Davis could have won in Iowa tonight. His Drake Bulldogs led late, but the Hawkeyes won it in the final minutes. I swear I saw Dr. Tom in the clubhouse at Penn National a few summers ago.

Adam Eaton traded to the Texas Rangers. CBS Sportsline's Scott Miller says it fills a void for the Rangers. Actually Miller's opinion just filled some space. Eaton, always noted for his promise, has never posted a sub-4 ERA, and moves from a pitchers park to a hitters haven. Plus Eaton spends a good bit of time on the DL, evidenced by his ability to never top 200 innings. Padres get former Princeton center Chris Young and former #1 pick Adrian Gonzalez. Like Miller, I like the deal. But I like it for San Diego. I also like it for my Orioles, sort of. Baltimore was thinking about trading for Eaton. Now they can't. And that's a good thing.

Ray Allen moved to third all-time in the NBA in three pointers. That was shocking to me. Seems like his career hasn't been long enough to be third all-time in anything. But he passed Glen Rice. Still ahead of Allen. 2. Dale Ellis and 1. Reggie Miller - now that makes sense.

Jay Bilas contends Texas' chances at a national title might be over after laying eggs against Duke and Tennessee. Well the truth is their chances are over when they lose in March. Obviously though, you've got to like their chances a lot less right now.

No booze at the Jets/Patriots game on Monday night. Now how in the world is that going to bearable. Thankfully, my wife hasn't banned the Yuengling from our fridge.

Happy Winter tommorow. It arrives for real. All that cold weather has just been a mirage. Enjoy.

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