Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Morning Cup of Coffee - Things I forgot last night

ESPN2 had a show called MaddenNation on last night. It is like a reality show with a large Madden 2006 or whatever the game is called tournament on. And people wonder how the World Series of Poker gets good ratings.

I'm learning new things with my blogging like links - here are two - one about a former Oriole who is now again an Oriole, and one about a former Oriole, who was then again an Oriole, and then again a former Oriole and now has a new home. http://,1,2980430.story?coll=bal-sports-baseball
Call me a blogging genius

I don't think I said enough about how much Johnny Damon going to the Yankees really bothers me. I mean really bothers me. These things happen at Christmas time and I become Scrooge. Or is it the Grinch. One of them.

Good job by the Midwest Airline pilot and crew last night. I mean how many times do we say good job to the pilot. In this case he deserves it.

The Mount won. The Mount won. The Mount won. And on a side note, Liberty is still winless.

I got 28 points for the So Miss win last night. I already complained the pool operator hasn't sent out standings. I want to see myself in the lead.

Kobe had 62 last night. 30 in the third quarter. And the Lakers won. I think all of that is more than my high school career.

I'm of the belief that Ponson will have a good year in St. Louis. Somebody remind me to draft him in my fantasy draft.

Speaking of reminders. Somebody remind me to start my Christmas shopping.

Joe Paterno was named AP coach of the Year. I'm happy for him. And I think he probably deserved it. But I was shocked he beat out Greg Robinson. Because if it wouldn't have been for the superb gameplan against Buffalo, the Orange would have gone 0-11.

Tough one tonight versus Illinois-Chicago. I'm serious. The Flames won by 20 in Atlanta earlier this year versus Georgia Tech. I'm hoping that GMac's shooting flurry the last time out was a sign of things to come. Note to SU fans, the Orange's game with Kent on Dec 30 will be covered on Altitude. I think that is 644 on the DirectV dial. But it may be blacked out for Full Court Coverage.

The Red Sox have already begun shopping (no not for Christmas) but for a new Centerfielder. Word is they are after Coco Crisp, Jeremy Reed, Joey Gathright, Corey Patterson or may goto the FA market for Preston Wilson, Terrence Long or Juan Encarnacion. Long-term, I'd take Reed. But for next year I'd go with Wilson.

Media out of Chicago reports that Patterson won't be back in Chicago. That despite the Cubs offering arbitration.

Forget about the Scott Olson for Joey Gathright trade. Its not going to happen. The Marlins determined they don't pay Olson enough to trade him.

The Dodgers who have been busy of late are my front-runner to resign Jeff Weaver, despite the fact that he rejected arbitration.

IF and notice its a big if the Mets are able to get rid of Kaz Matsui and Anna Benson - then expect them to make a big run for Barry Zito. But it seems at the moment that they are tapped for cash and can't take on Zito without clearing some space.

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