Saturday, December 17, 2005

Weekend Preview: Games I've got my eye on - NFL

Saturday games start in the NFL and that means we are that close to the playoffs. It also means some teams have mailed it in. While others are just trying to stay healthy as their place is secured. So unless you've got some sort of Fantasy playoff going on, or unless you've picked 14 straight winners in a Survivor pool, some games don't matter.

Here are the ones that least for me.

Tampa Bay @ New England - The Patriots were supposed to have it locked on Cruise Control by now. But last night when I said, "All that I care about this weekend is the Dolphins winning", I got a nasty stare from a Pats fan. Still, Tampa might need it more. Might make for a good plot. But there is that Tampa Bay temperature factor.

Kansas City @ NY Giants - Vermiel said a few weeks ago, that you'd have to finish 11-5 to make the playoffs out of the AFC. Well with 5 losses the Chiefs are at the max. (Although I still think 6 might sneak a team in). The Giants are a game up on the Cowboys in the NFC East and can't afford to give it back here.

San Diego @ Indianapolis - My heart wants the Colts to play for perfection. I don't know if that is wise or not. LT has been struggling for San Diego. I think they need him to play big in this one.

Pittsburgh @ Minnesota - Come aboard, this could be the game of the week. Both of these teams need W's. The Vikes have been the hot team in the NFL of late. Oh except for the Colts, they've always been hot. Pittsburgh might wave good-bye to the postseason upon departure.

Jets @ Miami - See above note about 14 straight winners in a Survivor pool.

Dallas @ Washington - Does this have that old-time Cowboys-Redskins feeling? I hope so. That is what made me hate them both so much

Atlanta @ Chicago - Bears seemed a virtual playoff lock not too long ago. Not so certain now are they on the Midway. I didn't think so. Falcons survived one must-win situation last week, but this isn't the Saints.

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