Thursday, April 01, 2010

Milan on Siena's Short List

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

If you believe this blogger that is the case.

RingCentral Fax 20% Off First 2 Months Also noteworthy is that Cliff Warren, as I expected, is also a candidate.

You'll note that there is a lot of moving going on in the MAAC. And the rumor of Patsos headed to St. John's with Lavin makes me chuckle. Actually it makes me belly-laugh. I don't think Lavin is a good coach. If you can't win at UCLA- how you going to win anywhere else. But I'm sure Patsos could help him out.

The entire basketball world is in Indianapolis - so expect most of this to get sorted out in the next few days.

My thoughts on the Siena situation are this...  I'm sure it would be a step up for Milan Brown in terms of salary, and Albany is a much bigger city than Emmitsburg. An airport in the city is huge, plus the Arena is top-notch - and a well-supported team. Not sure if his recruiting ties to the Beach District in Virginia would play as well there, but he's shown he can bring in players from lots of areas. I'm guessing the job doesn't goto Brown. But I do think if he has aspirations at coaching at the top D-1 level - he needs to get a job at this level before he gets to that level.

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  1. Richard5:53 AM

    So, um, suppose Brown did leave Raff- do you think MSM would lean more toward an in-house coach or else? What direction do you think they would go in? A regional coach or nationwide? As long as it is not Robinson that inherits it I will be ok. I knew him when he was a kid before he went to SJPH and there is now ay he is head coach amterial.

  2. Richard1:40 PM

    I hope Patsos stays where he is. I would miss being able to laugh until tears every year. That dude, along with Mike Rice, act like they belong in Springfield State Hospital. Put them away before they murder one of their players, lol. Hey, if Brown would leave then maybe MSM would take Patsos. OMG then the Mount truly would have their 'Maniac'.