Friday, April 23, 2010

Throwing out a Few More Names

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

We're told that the number of inquiries about the Mount head coaching job has to be at least triple figures. We're starting to believe that - as names and more names continued to be associated with the position.

Web Exclusive - Samsung MyShot II Sale - 50% off After Mail In RebateHere are a few that haven't been previously mentioned....

Kevin Nickelberry - former Head Coach Hampton University

Pete Strickland - former Coastal Carolina coach, current NC State assistant

Chris Harney - St. Mary's head coach

Chris Caputo - George Mason assistant

Rob Moxley - former assistant at Charlotte

Mike Rhoades - assistant coach Virginia Commonwealth

Obviously, if the numbers are in triple figures we don't have everyone here. But these are the folks that we've heard and in some cases more than once, which gives us the belief that there might be some legs in these folks.

What I'm determining based on the names and credentials that are being talked about is that the next basketball coach at Mt. St. Mary's will come with a top notch pedigree.


  1. Richard7:28 PM

    I see big RMU got a big 6-11 stud Jerome Hunter now. MSM better stop pitter-pattering around or I doubt I go to many games, if at all this year. With the talent at RMU now, I doubt any team in the NEC will beat them for a few years. Actually they could win the Big East with what they got. Talk about loaded, good God, or Rice God. I am really getting more irritated the more that MSM sits back.

  2. I really don't see us getting a high profile candidate because of budget limitations. I hope coach Brion gets it and can maybe bring on Jamion and throw Sam in as third assistant. Then pick a good person for second. Those are completely my thoughts and speculation but I would really like that scenario for continuation and similarity purposes.

  3. icepack9:48 PM

    Please note Wilber O'Neal (the best of the RMU recruits, by far) is no longer on the roster of 2010 recruits. Hunter is no O'Neal. RMU just got worse.

  4. Richard10:39 AM

    But Gerick, basketball is the flagship sport of the Mount. If RMU can pay why can't we? RMU is not that much bigger in enrollment. So Gerick, what is the deal with K-Rob then? Hey icepack, I heard that too about ONeal. They really were not expecting him to make it anyway. Hope you understand I am just very frustrated.

  5. icepack11:31 AM

    Well, frustrated is a good sentiment because we all were rooting for the Mount to have a more special year past, but it is college; these things happen.

    These recruits for RMU - remember they are for THIS coming year. Milan got his signees many months ago when many more players were available. It is usually the lesser programs that are doing their recruiting now for next year.

    Most important is the filling of the head coach position. I know everyone is working very hard to get the best choice in place. Then that 'recruiting surprise' someone promised may appear.

    Has anyone heard about the Mike Rice - Rutgers story?

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  7. Robert Morris doesn't have the money, it's trying to figure out how to fundraise for all this stuff they're promising. We're both in the same boat. That being said, I commend its effort and wish we would do the same. "If you build it they will come." Just look at the step up our men's lax program has taken after building legitimate DI facilities.
    The Hurleys have recommended Rice and he's listed in some places as the favorite along with Franschilla. But then there's other places where he's not even listed as a top 10 candidate. Should be interesting.

  8. Richard11:07 PM

    Well Gerick, you are not insinuating that we need a new basketball arena are you? I have heard from some players and other people that the locker rooms suck at Knott. But as far as the arena, I been to many other schools the Mount plays away and Knott Arena is still probably the best one other than the bigtime teams. Heck, RMU should have a bigtime arena, they are a suburb of a big sports city. Gerick, you seem pretty cool though- are you gonna be back on the bench? I hope.

  9. We do NOT need a new arena. We need a new floor. I would never want to see us get rid of Knott Arena. We don't fill it to begin with so there's no need to even expand it let alone demolish it. But the floor, locker rooms, etc., are no secret as far as needing upgrades.
    And I'm almost done my MBA so I won't be back except as a fan.