Tuesday, October 28, 2008

NBA Opening Night; Pot Luck Blog

The NBA opens up play tonight.

But enough about that. I'm watching more college football tonight. Marshall and Houston on are in the Tuesday Interactive Game on ESPN2. So we'll watch that. And pass along some thoughts we have on just about everything going on in the world of sports right now.

8:13PM: Marshall broke out the green headgear for the "Green Out". A very nice move by them. And then to let the Duece in the locker room to see the shock and emotion on their face when they got the first look at the helmet was truly amazing.

8:14PM: Gotta give Bud Selig some credit for this new plan. He finally figured out how to start a game at 8:30 and finish by midnight. All you have to do is start the game in the sixth inning. Whenever the storm gets out of here they'll get back to playing. But they might want to consider the split innings games the rest of the way, then that way we'd all get to see the whole game. Who cares if it is over two days?

8:19PM: The first poll question on the ESPN game was if the three BCS unbeatens end up unbeaten who should play for the national championship? I know most of the season, I would have said Alabama. But right now I think that Penn State has done more than the Tide. And I'd have it Penn State vs. Texas. Still, I think if Alabama ends up unbeaten, at that point, having played one more game it might be hard to deny them.

8:24PM: Some preseason conference basketball polls coming out this week as conferences hold their media days. As far as early season Mount opponents go, I noticed that Loyola is picked to finish fifth in the MAAC. Brian Rudolph was named second-team MAAC and Marquis Sullivan was placed on the third team.

In the ACC Virginia Tech was picked to finish sixth. The Mount plays Tech three weeks from today in Blacksburg. A couple of stories about the Hokies as they prepare for the
season The Hokies just missed the NCAA tournament last year and are looking to improve on the NIT bid. Point guardMalcolm Delaney shares his thoughts on what Tech needs to do to improve.

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