Sunday, November 02, 2008

Tids and Bits

Texas Tech's win over Texas last night was an instant classic. Just a great finish. So much resilency shown by the Longhorns to take the lead, and then for Graham Harrell and the Red Raiders to drive the field and get the winning score. Great individual effort by Michael Crabtree to get in the end zone. But my real gameball goes to the kick returner and the kick return team that gave the Raiders such great field position and made the winning score possible.

With the win, I think Penn State and Alabama will be the new #1 and #2 teams in the polls this weekend. But if I was ranking teams right now, I'd have the Red Raiders #1. The top five would be Texas Tech, Penn State, Florida, USC, Alabama.

It appears the Gators will have a chance to show they are better than Bama - in the SEC championship game. And I'm guessing that another one-loss team might beat Tech at some point. They play Oklahoma State (a one loss team this weekend).

Here's someone's opinion of the Top 25 Mid-Major programs in the country for this season. You'll notice there is no mention of the Mount. But there are a few
opponents that show up. Maybe the schedule is pretty difficult.

Also, the AP top 25 came out this week and Virginia Tech, the Mount's second opponent was 35th. Down in the others receiving votes category. Here is a look from the Hokie perspective as they head to the start of the season.

Back to football now. Good win for the Orange last night. I told you they aren't as bad as they seem. I wouldn't be surprised to see them win 2 of their last four. If that happens and Daryl Gross waits around, making the decision at the end of the year would be tough. But if he does what I expect him to do, and fire Robinson after the next loss, it's easy. However, I think you do have an improving team that should show the ability to be competitive within the conference and playing a lot of young guys down the stretch. The outlook is much better for the future than its been the last few years.

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