Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Linkapalooza #3

Your midweek sampling of interesting reads. Enjoy.

Brothers Sam and Shawn Atupem ready for one final season together

After big seasons last year, Baltimore area teams take no time off

A guide to the first week of college hoops

Here's a pretty in depth look at the NEC from Rush the Court

Does the Big East have Tranghese's successor lined up?

A preview of the Best conference in college basketball

We're really not recommending a wager on the Mount - but a ticket might be worth something

Everyone's got a theory on how the new line will affect the game

Checking in with Quinnipiac

The Mount soccer team is glad to be back in the NEC tournament

Because everybody needs to understand the Uniform

Of all the meaningless preseason bracket predictions, we chose this one because it DOESN'T have the Mount in the tourney

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