Friday, November 14, 2008

UCLA survives Miami OH

UCLA has joined Duke, Michigan and Southern Illinois in NYC for the Final Four of the 2K Sports preseason tournament with a five-point win over Miami Oh last night.

Some thoughts and observations....

....Darren Collison won the game for UCLA. He was the man. Not only did he get some key buckets late, and was the guy in control. But he just flat out stopped Miami (OH)'s leading scorer from the night before Kenny Hayes. He got nothing. And Collison was the reason.

....Seemed like the college basketball game really got into gear last night with this near upset. Finally, there was a game to get excited about. A real good one. And it was close. The Redhawks missed a three to tie it with about 7 seconds left. So it was really a close game. It was close almost the whole second half.

....Also seemed like the officials wanted to make sure they got the premier team to NYC next week. There were a few questionable calls throughout the second half that seemed to really help the Bruins. And when Miami got a break late, Bramos (who is their best player) missed a free throw that he maybe shouldn't have gotten so there was no real advantage.

....The Bruins are going to keep getting better and I'll be interested to see how they do in New York next week. They play Michigan and then Duke, if everything goes as planned. That will be two good tests.

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