Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Duke rocks Presbyterian

Here is the start of my quest to watch a lot of college hoops.

This was game one.

It wasn't very good. And Duke quickly took a larger than 16-point lead (my number for when I can hit the fast forward) - and I don't think that Presbyterian ever got closer than that the rest of the way.

So here were a few observations....(from the 11 or so minutes I watched).

....Nolan Smith can be pretty good both offensively and defensively for the Blue Devils.

....Despite winning easily, I didn't think there was anything sharp about the Blue Devils performance.

....The Blue Hose as a nickname. Are you serious? That is far to simple for the Cameron Crazies to attack.

....Presbyterian had an inside player, Coleman I believe, who should fare well in the Big South. Reminded me a little bit of Taj McCullough. A little more of an inside player though. But I don't think Presby will be much of a player in the Big South. However, having the home games (instead of the 25 they played on the road last year) will help.

....Greg Paulus didn't seem comfortable coming off the bench. I think if he gets there he could really help this team in that role. But he seemed jumpy, trying to do too much.

....If Duke is the #5 team in the country, there are a lot of teams that I have overrated.

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