Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tids and Bits (Turkey Style)

Mount fans (like me) need to realize that 1-2 at this point in the season is just about where they are supposed to be. However, that doesn't mean we don't expect more. Of course, I'm still convinced that their success will be based on offense and points per possession. Last year during the key run at the end of the season, there weren't too many games when the Mount didn't produce a point per possession and get beat. This year, they have one game with +1 point per possession and they have one win. I don't think its a coincidence.

Looking at the Orange schedule, tomorrow night is a big game against Virginia. And the Orange needs to be cautious. After the big wins in KC this week, they can't afford to get sluggish. The Wahoos aren't very good, I mean they aren't the best team in the ACC, and this isn't the best UVA team. But its a game Syracuse can't get complacent in. A win is important because a loss will eliminate some of the good that went on in KC. And a win also points the Orange directly to an 11-0 start. Because the next five games are all at home and all against teams that shouldn't beat the Orange. Colgate, Canisius, Cornell, Cleveland State, and Long Beach State. That would be a solid start headed to Memphis just before Christmas.

Here is a preview of the Syracuse-Virginia game from the Post Standard

It is still early in the second game of the night at Disney. But Oklahoma State is trying to pull the second stunner of the night. Maryland throttled Michigan State in the opener tonight. Save about six or eight minutes of the game, right before halftime and just after the intermission, the Terps were the dominant team.

Tennessee and Georgetwon won earlier in the day and will square off in a semifinal tomorrow afternoon.

I'm going to watch Pitt and West Virginia tomorrow afternoon. I think the Backyard Brawl could provide some dramatics. Lesean McCoy announced earlier this week that he is returning for his junior season. Still I wouldn't be surprised if he might reconsider that after the season due to the pending rookie salary cap in the NFL. If he finishes strong and climbs into an area where he might get a worthwhile signing bonus, that could happen.

Watching the first ten to twelve minutes of North Carolina and Notre Dame last night it was obvious that I hadn't seen anyone play at that pace and efficiency yet this season. Eventually the Irish couldn't keep up. I'm not sold on Notre Dame being a Top 10 team. I think that the depth in the Big East might be too much for them. I've been more impressed with Pitt and Connecticut for certain early, and the Orange looked good as well. Still you had to be impressed with ND's win over Texas.

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