Friday, November 28, 2008

No Respect

I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight if I don't post this, so I'm posting it.

First of all, let me say I'm especially grateful that MASN is broadcasting all of these Mount games at the beginning of the year. I really really am.

But with that said....

I fielded a phone call after the Mount's win at Loyola about how one-sided the broadcast by Scott Garceau and Kevin Grevey was.


I had a different Mountaineer fan let me know how they really thought the broadcasters of the George Mason game were outright rooting for the Patriots as the Mount tried to rally at the Patriot Center.

I couldn't really disagree with either, but figured since both of those games were broadcast from the other team's gym, and I was happy that the games were on TV, I'd let it pass.

But as I was just watching the completion of the Iowa/West Virginia game from Las Vegas on MASN, it reached a level that I could not pass on. During one of the commercial breaks there was a promo for the Mount's road game at Sacred Heart on Thursday which will be broadcast on MASN. (Incidentally, how good is the Big East? Preseason league #9 just destroyed Iowa from the Big Ten on a neutral floor.) But anyhow at the end of the promo, the announcer comes on the air, as the logos are flashed on the screen and says, "Tune in as the St. Mary's BLUE KNIGHTS take on the Pioneers of Sacred Heart."


Now I was sure, MASN just doesn't care about the Mountaineers. Had they messed up just the University name, I might have let it slide. But both the school name and the Nickname was too much. Give them credit though, St. Mary's is close.

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