Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beating the Irish

I've got to say that beating Notre Dame never gets old. Watching Otto the Orange somersault across the Notre Dame Stadium turf is a great thing.

I'm happy for Greg Robinson. He's a terrible coach, but he's a good guy, and he deserves this. I truly do think that the program is pointed in the right direction. There is so much more reason to believe that in November this year, then in November last year.

Also have to be extremely happy for Cameron Dantley. To win at Notre Dame Stadium on the campus where his father had such a great career.

I wonder if this win makes Randy Edsall a candidate. I think it does. Not that I ever believed he wasn't.

A super job by the defense, which had to fight all day long and was on the field so much. Just a great effort by Arthur Jones. But also a fine effort by Paul Chiarra and Max Suter. Derrell Smith continues to impress me as a budding linebacker.

Antwon Bailey did a great job in the second half for the Orange running the ball. He looks like a back who can step in and replace Boonah Brinkley next season. Also don't forget to give the offensive line credit for some of that. And for protecting Cam Dantley.

Some other young guys showed that they will give the new coach something to work with. Just a few names who caught my eye, Nick Provo, Dan Sheeran, Dorian Graham, Mike Holmes, Donte Davis, Marcus Sales, Kevyn Scott, Randy Mckinnon, Mike Mele and all those offensive lineman.

How soon until next year?

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